Scottie Door Stop & Free Dog Patterns

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Well ever since I saw Me and My Shadow’s home made doorstop how to a few weeks ago, I have been obsessed with the idea of converting a pair of old (crazy) trousers that belong to my husband’s youth into a Scottie door stop. Easy dog sewing patterns were surprisingly hard to find. Free dog patterns even harder. So I browsed some old toy making books I have from goodness knows where, looked at Scottie Door Stops available for purchase online and fiddled mine own pattern and instructions. We have lots more fun Dog DIY Ideas for you to check out.

Free Scottie Door Stop Pattern

Scottie Door Stop Pattern
I made my little Scottie back in 2013!

I shared my finished Scottie Door Stop and asked whether you wanted the pattern. Yes you did. One lovely reader, even tested it for me. And YAY it works just fine (and wasn’t just a fluke on my part).

So I retraced my pattern and scanned it. And you are more than welcome to download it for free!

Free Scottie Dog Sewing Pattern

Click here for your Free Dog Patterns – this is hosted on gumroad, so please enter $0 at check out.

Important NOTES on this free dog pattern

**REMEMBER TO ADD a 5-10mm seam allowance** and to “nip” your seams at the pointy bits, so it easier to turn the fabric right side round. But am sure most of you are familiar with these tricks!**

AND another tip: remember the “side of the dog” needs to be cut once, then flipped over and cut again – so you have two pieces of fabric facing opposite directions!

Please note: I am not a graphic designer, nor am I competent in editing skills, so the pattern itself, is ahem, mediocre in scanning quality – sorry – but it works JUST FINE to make lovely Dog Door Stops!

Please note 2: At the time of writing, I had been sewing on my sewing machine a year or two. So I feel I am very much that my sewing skills are that of a beginner or at best intermediate sewing machine user… Sewing definitely isn’t my strength, but I like to do it every so often! I am not a pattern creator or writer, nor am I a skilled sewer…. which means, I fiddled what I did. I have shared HOW I sewed our door stop, but you may find a cleverer way of doing so. When my lovely reader tested it, she agreed with my “methodology”. See the last page in the PDF for the “assembly”.

Supplies used to make our Scottie

  • I upcycled my husband’s crazy tartan trousers!
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Old pillow stuffing
  • Rice or sand to help weigh it down

How to make your scottie door stop

Dog patterns

The free downloadable Doorstop Pattern as a final page with a basic illustration of how to put your Scottie Dog together!

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Scottie Pattern 3

Here are some lovely photos of the Scottie Dog Pattern, that a reader sent me, thank you Jo!

scottie dog pattern

And here is another by Claudia on Facebook: