23 Super Easy Dog Crafts for Kids and Dog Lovers

Woof woof. Dog Crafts for Kids Time!!! If you are have a dog lover in the home or a making a gift for someone who adores dogs.. you simply have to see these wonderful Dog DIY Ideas! This includes a set of super easy dog crafts plus a few extra ones for crafters looking for a challenge.

Easy Dog DIY Ideas - Love Dogs? If you are a huge fan of our canine friends, you will hopefully LOVE LOVE LOVE these Dog DIYs and Dog Crafts for kids. Whether you are looking for Dog Crafts for Kids to make or want to treat your dog to a homemade Dog DIY treat or toy.. take a look at these... Love love love.
Cutest Dog Crafts for Dog Lovers!

We have always been big fans of animals in our house. I grew up with both cats and dogs… and my kids now have a hamster and 2 cats.. and oh, how they want to have a dog!!!!

One day maybe… in the meantime, we simply have to make do with easy Dog DIY Ideas.

Yes, sorry kids. We may just have to wait a bit longer for that lovely little puppy (sigh). In the meantime, we amuse ourselves with darling and wonderful Puppy Crafts!

Without realising, we have actually made more Dog DIYs over the years, than I knew. When I delved deeper into Red Ted Art and our projects from years ago, also sorts of lovely Puppy Crafts for Kids popped up. So finally.. we bring some of these together for you in one place. I hope you like these dog crafts as much as we do.

Dog Crafts for Preschoolers

Let’s kick things off, with our easiest and simplest dog crafts for kids – perfect for the little kiddos among us – preschoolers, kindergarten kids and toddlers. Though of course kids of all ages can have a go and enjoy these lovely pet DIYs too. These also make great crafts for classrooms! And of course includes our favourite.. toilet paper roll dogs.. can beat the loo rolls, can you?! Ha!

  • Cardboard Tube Dogs: Cutest Dog Marionette DIY – we are big fan of cardboard tubes and toilet paper rolls.. this little guys is made form just that. So fun. We combined the recycled craft materials with nature finds for its paws. These days I would probably replace the googly eyes with paper cut out eyes. They look just as cute!
  • Wonderful 3D Dog Mask DIY made from paper plates (includes template)
  • You may also love this adorable Dogs Popcicle Craft – so cute! 3 Boys and A dog shares the free printable template, then glue it on some popcicle sticks and you are done
  • If you are looking for an easy craft, try this Paper Bag Puppy Puppet by Crayons and Collars – the website is no longer active (such a shame), however, I think you get the drift from the image shared above!
  • Adorable, easy and cute Paper Plate Dog craft by Craft Create Cook
  • Any preschool dog crafts section worth its salt of course also needs either a keepsake handprint dog or a keepsake footprint dog.. well I have both for you – check out the dog handprint here… and the footprint dog here

Paper Dog Crafts for Kids

Kids’ crafts fun continues.. You know how much we love love love PAPER CRAFTS. Paper is fun and versatile.. and with just a few sheets of white paper, some markers and and scissors, it is amazing what paper dog crafts you can create!

  • Super easy Paper Dog DIY face – great for decorating with a black marker or different colored pens – though we made this “just because” – if you use some pinks and reds and maybe a heart “patch” they would make lovely Valentine’s Day origami dogs – I really Woof You! – Don’t you think? Easy peasy! Just grab your sheet of paper and get started!
  • Our super popular Paper Dog Hand Puppet – this is a great and simple design, that again, kids of all ages can make, whether it is kindergarten kids or older kids. Do give it a go!
  • We also have an Origami Dog Scottie (full dog, super cute for playing with). So much fun to make a whole family and play with them afterwards.
  • Puppy Corner Bookmark – make this adorable pup boomark and then snuggle down for a read
  • Grab some construction paper in desired colors (or use white paper and color with markers) and make this lovely Dog Bookmark Craft (Hug a Book style) – we love the “hug” a bookmarks.. a great gift for mom on Mother’s Day
  • We have another Dog themed Bookmark – the Pug Bookmark DIY, with the Pug in a handsome tie (free printable available)

Dog Craft for Kids

If you are working with older kids, these are still easy crafts, that they can enjoy having a go at!

  • Fun Dog Cupcakes (easy to make too!!)
  • Beautiful Paper Dog Collages (you will find other pet portraits too) – check out DIY is Fun for your inspiration.
  • Be inspired by this simple dog design – would make a great sewing craft for kids (no instructions – but hopefully the design will provide you with lots inspiration, I just thought it was too cute not to include) – check out Etsy
  • Teach the kids to make these super cool LEGO Dogs by the fabulous Frugal Fun For Boys
  • Frugal Fun for Boys also has a super cute dog made from pipe cleaners that all pet lovers must check out!
  • Be inspired by these Sea Shell Dogs (etsy store, no instructions, but fabulous none the less!) – visit Etsy for inspiration. They make fantastic keepsake ornaments for all dog lovers.
  • Looking for a video tutorial to show you how to make pom poms dogs, there are lots out there and if I had to pick out one, to get you started, take a peak at this one from Flying Mio. Be sure to use one of our DIY Cardboard Pom Pom makers too!

What DIY can I make for my Dog? What can kids make for Dogs?

Need some craft ideas FOR your dog? Yes! Here are some fun ideas of DIYs to make FOR your dog. Be it as a Christmas present or just because.. your dog will love for you for it!

What natural food can I cook for my dog? What is a good dog treat recipe?

  • Make your own Dog Treats – this i a great dog treat that kids of all ages can make – younger children will love to mix the recipe and use the cookie cutters. Keep in a dry air tight container (e.g. this fab Pet Valentines Jar), but don’t store too long!

What doys can I make for my dog?

  • Another “Square Weave” Toy that looks fabulous by Dalmation DIY
  • A clever Tennis Ball Toy (love) by cnet.com – which also shows you how to make a total of 5 great dog toy DIYs
  • Denim upcycled Dog Toys – we love all jeans upcycles and these are wonderful. By Pillar Box Blue
  • Easy No Sew Dog Bed from It’s Simple (I think your pup will love how cozy this is! Would be a nice DIY Cat Bed too!).

Dog DIY for older kids and grown ups/ What to make and sell for Dog Lovers

  • Scottie Doorstop Pattern – this is a popular free dog sewing pattern, that is great for anyone making and selling dog crafts! It is also fabulous for recycling fabric! This scottie dog was squeezed out of a whacky pair of men’s trousers. So fun!

Hope you enjoyed these FAB Dog DIY Ideas and Dog Crafts for Kids!! Happy making. Woof. Woof.