Handprint Alphabet – C is for Crocodile


The Handprint Animal Alphabet continues!

Well.. another week has passed ALREADY and we are on to C… today we are making a Handprint C is for Crocodile!

C is for crocodile collage showing toddler hand

First published in April 2012 and republished and updated for your convenience!

I asked Red Ted:

Would you like to do a Chick (as Red Ted has chicks at school) NO!

Would you like to do a caterpillar (as we have some caterpillars at home) NO!

Would you like to do a cake (because we like cake) NO!

How about a Crocodile (just because) YES!

Handprint c is for crocodile - preschooler arts and crafts

Aha. Crocodile it is. This craft could of course work as A is for Alligator too. But.. do you know Differences between Alligators and Crocodiles? Definitely an interesting conversation to have with the kiddos!

How to make a Handprint Crocodile

The tricky bit for the children is keeping your index finger and middle finger, as well as your ring finger and index finger together….So that the space between becomes the the “mouth”.  

**If we made this craft again,  I would be tempted to leave the little finger free of paint** Red Ted is practising here. Pip Squeak didn’t manage, but still made a nice picture!

handprint art  C

Make your handprint. Then turn the page 180 degrees and make a 2nd handprint for the body (with all the fingers together. Once dry, add some scary teeth, googley eyes, noses and spikes and details. We drew 4 legs and a “C fro the tail”….

handprint crafts crocs

handprint crafts crocodile

These are Red Ted’s (4yrs), the spikes are totally his idea!

handprint crafts toddlers

Pip Squeak’s Handprint Art! Spot the “baby googly eyes” and the “pink nose”. Does make me smile!

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