Harry Potter Craft – Magic Wands

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Welcome! Today it is time to get excited about HARRY POTTER! Are you a Harry Potter fan too? Then you will love this Harry Potter Craft – wonderful Magic Wands. These are a perfect craft for all aspiring wizards and witches (and NOT just Harry Potter fans!!), so if it is Winnie the Witch or Hermione.. either way, you will want to see this craft. They make for an excellent addition to any Halloween Costume too! This goes really well with our other Harry Potter Craft ideas – from DIY Feather Quills, to Owl Cupcakes and Owl Bookmarks and  chocolate snitches at Christmas!

Harry Potter Craft - these magical wands are great for all aspiring wizards and witches. LOVE the very simple materials used to make these wands and how they are personalised with nature items!
First shared in 2015 on YouTube!

I created this Harry Potter Craft in a collaboration with the lovely Amy from Living Locurto. We challenged each other on youtube to each come up with some Harry Potter-esque. I made some recycled nature magic wands and Amy created a fantastic looking Butterbeer Cupcake recipe – LOVE how it is made in the microwave, check below for more information!

To make your Harry Potter Craft – Magic Wands – you will need:

  • a chopstick
  • a hot glue gun*
  • a nature item  – e.g. mini pine cone, stone, shell or acorn
  • acrylic paint in assorted colours

* if you don’t have a hot glue gun, you make these using Polymer Clay such as Fimo (US, UK)

How do you make a Harry Potter Wand?

Harry Potter Crafts - check out these nature inspired Magic Wands - great for all witches and wizards!

I really love the nature element of these wands – a great way to combine my love for nature craft with one of my favourite novels and also a great way to make your wands really special and unique – each one different from the next. Will you have the power of the acorn tree or pine in your wands?! See what you can find to create your very own magic. If you haven’t got any suitable nature items – fear not – you can leave the top of your magic wand “plain” or you can see what else you can find at home – maybe you have a wonderful shiney bead or a marble would look fantastic too!

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How to make your Harry Potter Craft – Magic Wands


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