Harry Potter Party Ideas


With Halloween just around the corner.. what better Halloween Party Theme than Harry Potter Party Ideas? Or save this post for your Potter Head’s next Harry Potter themed Birthday Party!!! Lots of fantastic DIY Harry Potter Party Ideas and decor to wow your guests! Plus some great Harry Potter product recommendations from Etsy, that you simply have to check out!

DIY Harry Potter Party Ideas - How to host a Harry Potter Birthday Party or host a Harry Potter Halloween Party! #harrypotter #halloween #birthday #party
Lots of fun Harry Potter Party Decor and fun activities to wow your guests!

This collection of Harry Potter Crafts and Ideas joins our growing resources of Harry Potter Crafts.. we have for you:

Anyway.. time to enter the wizarding world of Harry Potter and see some of these fabulous Harry Potter Party Ideas!

Harry Potter Party Food:

There is nothing quite like a super cool Party Spread – here are some fantastic Harry Potter Party food ideas that will make your little wizards and witches ooh and aaah.

These Hedwig Owl Cupcakes are relatively simple to make but look super effective!

Or how about some simple but oh so fun Golden Snitches to eat?

Or fancy something well more fancy?! Try this oh so cool Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcake!! A great  Microwave Cake Recipe to make in a Mug! By Living Locurto

Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters Cake by Crafty Morning

Golden Snitch Cake Pops by Tonya Staab

Harry Potter Snitch Cake Tutorial by Ashlee Marie

Or have a go at this Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cake! How cool?! By Chica and Jo! This certainly would make a fantastic Harry Potter Birthday cake, don’t you think!

Harry potter birthday party

Or how about this FANTASTIC Cauldron Cake? I know my kids would be over the moon to get this candy/ sweets filled birthday cake – either on their birthday or at Halloween! It looks like honeydukes sweet shop has been raided. Brilliant. Check out Womens Day for info.

The Monster Book of Monsters Brownies by Steam Powered Family

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cookies by Housewife Eclectic

More sorting cupcakes including printable from Sugar Bean Bakers. These cute little labels witll transform your favourite cupcakes into instant Harry Potter party food.

Mandrake Cakes with the Best Chocolate Cake by Teaspoon of Nose

Gryffindor Popcorn by Cupcake Diaries – who doesn’t love some candy in with their popcorn when settling down to the Harry Potter movies.

Harry Potter Howlers by Food and Wine

Drinkable Polyjuice recipe. DIY Harry Potter Party Ideas - How to host a Harry Potter Birthday Party or host a Harry Potter Halloween Party! #harrypotter #halloween #birthday #party
Is it potions slime or witches brew!?

Polyjuice Potion Recipe by This Grandma is Fun, you can use ordinary jars for these too. So don’t worry if you can’t find “Pretty” bottles to make this DIY cool fantastic!

Witch’s Broomstick Snacks by Mom Foodie

Harry Potter Party Games, Decor and Printables:

Get your Harry Potter Birthday Party decor ready with the DIY ideas in this section!

Easy DIY Harry Potter Party Ideas - How to host a Harry Potter Birthday Party or host a Harry Potter Halloween Party! #harrypotter #halloween #birthday #party
Make your own brick wall backdrop

All aboard the Hogwarts Express.. well.. Transform the entrance to your party with this easy Platform 9 3/4 curtain! by The Carver Crew… and then pretend that you are on the express. Teehee.

This party set up looks pretty impressive!! But with some simple tips and trick you too can turn your home int the great hall at hogwards, check out more inspiration at Chica and Jo’s!

I think any Harry Potter Party does need floating candles, right? Learn how to make floating candles – the perfect party trick! And yes, they are made using my favourite craft materials empty toilet paper tubes! Alternate with Kitchen Paper Towel tubes to make different sizes. Combine with some fishing line, will with battery operated candles and suspend from the ceiling and you have this fantastic Party Decor sorted. Visit A few Shortcuts for info!

Harry Potter Potions Class Science Activity by The Imagination Tree

Wow your party goes with a Revelio Charm Party Trick from Babble Dabble Do

And further wow them with the Armotentia Potion from Babble Dabble Do

Easy DIY Quidditch Game by Farm to Fete

Would You Rather Harry Potter game by Kitchen Counter Chronicle

Love this clever and simple Sorting Hat Fortune Teller printable by Get Away Today!

Fabulous party favours with these different potions – from unicorns blood to dragon scales by Sarah Saving

Harry Potter Inspired Bingo Game by Rock Your Homeschool

Harry Potter Pillow Boxes by Bugaboo City. More opportunities for yummy sweets and treats!

Harry Potter Birthday Invitations by Birthday Printable

DIY Hedwig Owl Balloon Invitations by Mom Always Finds Out They would make adorable Harry Potter Party Decorations too. But rather love them as party invites. TOO CUTE!

Harry Potter Party Favour or Party Craft:

If you need some simple little gift ideas to add to any party bags.. try these two little makes.

DIY Harry Potter Crafts & Ideas. Easy Harry Potter Crafts for Kids to make. #HarryPotter
DIY Harry Potter Wands are super fun to make and make great party favours!

Making Harry Potter wands is easier than you think. However a hot glue gun IS required. So this is definitely a DIY Harry Potter Craft for older kids or kids confident in handling hot glue! Grab some recycled chopsticks, your hot glue gun and check out our post and Magic Wands video.

DIY Harry Potter Crafts & Ideas. Easy Harry Potter Crafts for Kids to make. #HarryPotter
Make bookmarks in house colours. Which are you? Slytherine? Hufflepuff? Ravenclaw or Gryffindor?

What is more popular than a Harry Potter Corner bookmark? Well these easy Harry Potter Bookmarks made with woven paper and in house colors! They are so easy to make and look like school ties. Especially when you add the little hogwarts houses logos too! All you need is some long strips of paper in the desired Horwart House colours and off you gol

This was the first set of magical Harry Potter crafts that I have made in the past with my kids. Now for some more inspiration from the wizarding world on the big wide web!!

Great Harrt Potter ideas on Etsy to help make your Party Planning easier!:

This section contains affiliate links – should you choose to purchase via these links, I will earn a small comission which will go towards the upkeep of this website!

Flying Keys Mobile 

Harry Potter Printable Photo Booth Props 

Bertie Botts and Chocolate Frog Box Printable – ok, so making your own chocolate frogs may not be that easy.. BUT you can make your own Harry Potter Candy Boxes with these fabulous printables. Fill them with your own favourite flavor beans and chocolates and you have another great party favour gift.

Harry Potter Deluxe Birthday Banner 

Hedwig Inspired Balloons 

And this brings us to a close for our Harry Potter Fan party. I hope you have found enough inspiration to make impress you wizards and witch guests at your very own DIY Harry Potter Party. Enjoy!

As mentioned.. we have some great Harry Potter Christmas DIYs here:

DIY Harry Potter Party Ideas - How to host a Harry Potter Birthday Party or host a Harry Potter Halloween Party! #harrypotter #halloween #birthday #party
Harry Potter DIY fun for Christmas. Love the Ravenclaw Ugly Sweater ornament!

Hope  you have  a FANTASTIC Harry Potter Party and that these Harry Potter Party Food, Harry Potter Games and Harry Potter Printables really help have the best Harry Potter Themed Party ever!!