How to make beaded bubble wands

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Today we will be making some gorgeous homemade bubble wands using pipecleaners and some colourful beads. These DIY beaded bubble wands would make a fantastic summer party craft and are prefect to send home with some homemade bubble solution.

Beautiful Bead Bubble Wand Craft

These lovely bubble wands are shared with permission from my lovely friend Jean’s art book “The Artful Year”. They are fantastic fine motor skills activity, perfect as a summer party craft and great for some bubble wand play afterwards!

First to the art book

CVR The Artful Year_Roost Books

The Artful year focuses on the key seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – I think it is a wonderful approach to activities and crafts, as it lets you make the most of what a Season has to offer. It also encourages you to keep dipping back into the book and not to “look, bookmark and forget”. For me, “the seasons” are very personal way of approaching crafts – as all my crafty (!) childhood memories have strong links to seasonal activities – Easter Egg decorating at Easter, crafting with chestnuts and acorns in Autumn and of course all the joys that Christmas Crafting brings! And it is something I strive to recreate for MY children.

Supplies Needed for These Beaded Bubble Wands

  • One pipecleaner per wand
  • A handful of beads of all shapes and sizes
  • An old chopstick/ stick
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Lots of DIY Bubble Recipe

How to make bubble wands

As an aside.. we have two versions of these beaded bubble wands – the ones shared hear today from Jean’s book – with the beads going around the bubble blower. Or this second shaped bubble wand craft using cookie cutters. The shaped wands are both easier and harder to make. Easier – because you don’t need a hot glue gun, harder, because smaller hands MAY find shaping the pipecleaner around a cooke cutter harder. So use the process that suits YOU and your kids the best!

We have a fabulous quick and easy beaded wand video tutorial on auto play or follow the written instructions.

Step by step written instructions:

Take your pipecleaner and start adding your beads. Use lots of different shapes and sizes and textures. This is the wonderful fine motor activity and sensory activity for your students or little ones.

Once you have enough to make the size wand you want, bring the two pipecleaner ends together and twist, to secure the beads into a nice loop.

Take the ends of the pipecleaner and wrap them around an old chopstick or paint brush or similar. And secure in place with a hot glue gun!

Now grab your basic ingredients to make a bubble solution. And done!

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