Top Free Crochet Patterns you MUST try!

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Who doesn’t love a free crochet pattern?! Well.. there are so many fabulous free crochet projects to try out, where do you start? Well, I thought I would bring a few of these simply MUST TRY Crochet Patterns for you in one place! These are based on top reader requests and feedback.. and I think you simply have to give them a go too!!

Must try crochet patterns for beginners that are free

Why are these crochet projects so popular?

There are a number of reasons, why I think these crochet projects are particularly popular.. including:

  • An easy pattern for beginners (e.g. the crochet cat below is particularly good for beginners)
  • You can really mix and match the colours – so you don’t need any special colours (which unfortunately for the Avocado Crochet Pattern we have.. makes that a bit awkward!) – e.g. your crochet cat can be any colour of the rainbow! Though to be fair, you may want a skin tone of choice to make the gnome nose and the mermaid doll.
  • You don’t need specialist yarns – I find these patterns are pretty versatile and using a thicker yarn or a thinner yarn, simply means you get a bigger or smaller toy (just remember to adjust your hook size to suit the yarn you are working with!)

Must Try Crochet Patterns for Beginners and Beyond

First up we have this lovely and cute and of course easy Cat Crochet Pattern! I love the simplicity of it.. It is a great one to make in lots of different colours. So cute.

Next we have a fun Unicorn Crochet Pattern – which could also be made as “just” a horse crochet pattern as well. As unicorns are mythical creatures, you can of course have lots of fun with different colours too. This work swell as a small toy or big plush, using chenille yarn.

cute little gnome to crochet

We love this adaptable Crochet Gnome Pattern – here the colours and hat motif are designed to make it a Christmas Gnome Decoration.. but you can of course easily switch out the colours and add different details to make these suitable as a Valentine’s Gnome (hearts, pinks and reds), Easter gnome (pastel colours) etc. have fun exploring different themes.

This is also a popular pattern, the Easy Mermaid Crochet Pattern! I think she is absolutely lovely and again, you can play with skin tones and hair patterns. See the full post for more.

5min crochet flower bookmark pattern

Finally, a quick Flower Bookmark Crochet pattern – perfect for yarn leftover! And a great little in between project. This would be great to use in a crochet class, for any students that finish before the other students and have some left over time. These crochet flower bookmarks would also make a great little item to sell at craft fairs.

Anyway, I do hope these fun projects have whet your appetite. As mentioned we have MANY MORE free Crochet Patterns for you to browse. Take a peak at these:

Free Kids Crochet Patterns