How to make Sun Print Cards

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Ever wanted to know how to make Sun Print Cards? Yes? Well.. Figment Creative Labs is here to show us how.. and then to turn these amazing sun print cards into fantastic Father’s Day Cards!

What a great Father’s Day Art Project for kids to make!!!

Collage of how to make sun print card for Father's Day.

We’re kicking off summer by harnessing sunbeams to make “radiant” art cards for our favorite dads this Father’s Day! We’ll be using really cool sun print paper that goes through a chemical change when it’s exposed to sunlight.

My favorite thing about making sun prints with my students is that it’s a great project for everyone from preschoolers to adults. We’ll place objects on the paper to highlight the chemical reaction that takes place when the light-sensitive paper is exposed UV rays. Sunlight triggers a molecular chemical reaction and the exposed paper turns white. Rinsing your picture in water, which halts the chemical reaction and reveals deep blue in the areas exposed to the sun.

Materials needed for Sun Print Cards

  • Standard 8.5”x11” printer paper to reference for design layout
  • Dad-inspired objects (we used tools, letters and a neck tie)
  • Acrylic sheet
  • Cardboard base or tray
  • Sun print paper 8”x11” (You can get it here: US/ UK)
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  • Tub of water or sink
  • Iron to flatten (adult supervision)
  • Card stock paper for matting
  • Gluestick
  • Oil pastel crayons
  • Washi tape

How to make Sun Print Cards for Father’s Day

Father and son looking at Sun Print Father's Day cards
  • Fold practice printer paper
  • Choose objects for design, laying them out on the folded printer paper until you get the image to your liking
  • Fold sun print paper (blue side out)
  • Place on cardboard or tray
  • Set up design like you have it on practice paper
  • Place in the sun for 2-5 minutes. This is where the acrylic sheet comes in handy — it prevents the pieces from blowing away, but allows the light to shine through
  • Rinse with water
  • Let dry
  • Have an adult use an iron to flatten the card
  • Fold your card stock and glue the sun print to the outside. This will give your card more stability and a nice blank area to write inside
  • Layer on your own artistic ideas with oil pastel crayons, washi tape or anything your heart desires and take your card to the next level

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