How to make a Toilet Paper Roll Crown


Learn how to make a toilet paper roll crown with us today! A super easy kids’ craft to help you celebrate Three Kings Day or dress up for a Mardi Gras Parade!! Of course these little DIY Crowns are also perfect for any princess fans or fairy tale crafting! So many opportunities to have fun with today’s crown craft for kids!

shows 3 easy crowns made from toilet paper tubes, gold paint and sticker gems
Looking for a cute Fairy Tale Craft? Have our go at these lovely Paper Roll Crowns. (First shared in April 2011! Wow-wee)

If you are celebrating a Royal Occasion (we originally made these for Will & Kate’s Royal Wedding, but any occasion will go), Three King’s Day or Mardi Gras, you can make these Toilet Paper Roll Crowns instead of party hats! They are easy, quick and look FABULOUS!

As mentioned previously though, it is also a great craft to accompany any “book and craft” session. We used to this a lot when the kids were toddlers and preschoolers and it was a really fun way to explore our picture books and new stories. So this Crown Craft is great for any fairy tale that contains princesses or princes or the theme of “crowns”. My preschoolers adored it!

The Book

The Paper Bag Princess, by Robert Munsch

This book was first published in 1980 – which makes the content even more original – it is an upside down story of the classic “prince, princess & dragon tale” – there are many upside down stories” these days, popularised by films like Shrek, but Robert Munsch certainly was one to lead the way this his story.

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Ronald are due to be married.. a naughty dragon appears and kidnaps, yes you guessed it, the prince and not the princess. Burning everything down whilst he is at it… so Princess Elizabeth, a tough cookie, shrugs it off, dons a paper bag (her clothese have been burnt) and sets off to rescue her prince. With cunning and wit she beats the dragon only to be met by an ungrateful Prince: the paper bag just won’t do. Incensted by this, the independent princess breaks off the engagement gracefully and leaves.

The book is nicely illustrated and it is great way to teach your children about what matters in life: not your pretty clothes, but a strong reliable character. Hooray for feisty and brave Princesses!

The Craft

I asked Red Ted whether we should make the princess some new crowns, seeing as the dragon burnt all her things. Red Ted jumped at the idea. Well, he tends to jump at any idea to make anything.. I think most preschoolers are super enthusiastic about any craft you make with them. They just love to spend time with you and they love to paint! So this was easy!).

Supplies needed to make your Toilet Paper Crowns

  • Empty Toilet Paper Rolls (one per crown),
  • paint (we had gold, but any colour goes!),
  • brushes,
  • scissors
  • glue (optional)
  • ribbon for tying or an alice band to thread threw the base of crown
  • fun embellishments, eg gems, stickers or eco friendly glitter

How to make a toilet paper roll crown for Mardi Gras or Kings’ Day

I cut the crown points for my kids

Cut out pointy bits to make a crown – I did this quite quickly and without really “marking them out”. This makes each crown individual

My son painting the toilet paper roll gold

Get the paint out and start painting! As mentioned any colour goes! We just happened to have some fabulous gold paint!

You can also decorate your paper crowns with markers and stickers

Paint in whatever colour you desire. I didn’t have the “nerve” for Pip Squeak to paint today, so she got to colour hers with marker pens. She seemed happy (enough).

It was a warm day, so I “pegged” the crowns up outside to dry, but drying on newspaper works too!

Time to let your paper roll crowns dry fully! You can see I pegged them up outside, but you can let the painted toilet paper rolls dry on some newspaper too!

Glue on your Gems and other decorations

Add any embellishments to your little crown. We used gems and glue, but you can of course use self adhesive sticker gems, glitter, washi tape.. anything else you can think of!

Stick on some gems – as you can see for some reason Red Ted didn’t enjoy sticking today, he got cross with glue on his fingers, so we ended up doing it together – he pointed, I stuck…

Time to let your crowns dry again (if you used glue).

Our teddy bears really liked their crowns!

Once fully dry, make two small holes at one end of the Toilet Paper Roll and thread some string or ribbons. You can also thread through a plastic alice band and they are really easy to wear. I love the cuteness of these paper crowns. They are like a little fascinator crown to wear on Three King’s Day or for Mardi Gras. SO CUTE!

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