Leaf Crafts for All Year

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Leaves… glorious leaves. They are such a wonderful indicator of the Seasons – and in terms of leaves, the most glorious season is of course Autumn with all the beautiful Autumn colours. We love Autumn Crafts for Kids as well as nature crafts for kids! I love the reds and oranges and yellows. Beautiful. So we love doing leaf crafts too, celebrating wonderful nature all around us! Do also check out our 6 Ways to Preserve Leaves post!

Autumn Leaf Craft Ideas

As per usual, we have gotten together to share a little Leaf Crafts Video for you and then I share some more links for you!

Leaf Crafts Video


Leaf Crafts Links


1) Leaf Lanterns (Watch the video for details! 50sec in)

2) Leaf bowls (one of our most popular autumn crafts and great for gifts too – 3min 16sec into video)

3) Leaf crowns (seriously undervalued and super fun for when out and about – 4min in)

4) Leaf rubbings – a bit of arty fun, but can we used for other crafts too (5min 20sec into video)

5) Book page leaf wreath (from Kids Chaos – 6min 50sec into the video)

6) Book page leaf branch (from Kids Chaos  – 7min 40sec in)

7) Bubble Wrap laminated leaf book marks (from Kids Chaos  using Me and My Shdaow’s bubble wrap technique – 8min 5 sec in)


8) Leaf hammer prints (a great way to preserve some of those Autumn colours! 8min 30 sec in)

9) Zing Zing Tree (turn up the volume a little) shares Leaf Silhouette art activity. Wonderful) – 9min 10 sec in – remember to use the left over leaves for collages!

10) Zing Zing Tree also shares adorable little Felt Leaves which are great beginners sewing projects. (10min 40sec into the video)

11) Zing Zing Tree also shares a DIY Fuzzy Felt project (12min 20sec in)

12) The Fairy and The Frog makes adorable nature necklaces (watch the video 13min in)


13) The Fairy and The Frog also talks us through Coffee Filter Leaves (on video 13min 40sec in) Here is similar and beautiful leaf mobile to make from Coffee Filters.

14) Temporary leaf fairy from Peakle Pie love that these are temporary and get you to enjoy nature “here and now”. Watch the video 14min 20sec in.

15) We have some Leaf Pumpkin Decoupage going on at Me and My Shadow (17min 30sec)

Explorig Andy Goldsworthy with kids

16) Here come the Girls talk through their Andy Goldsworthy project (we did an Autumn Andy Goldsworthy too – so much fun!) 19min into video

17) Here Come The Girls also shares a “family” Reward Chart. Super sweet. 19min 30sec into the video

Additional Leaf Crafts (not in the video!)

18) Fun and simple Leaf Play  (Here Come The Girls)

19) Leaf alphabet activities  (Here Come The Girls)

20) Leaf/ Autumn Play dough (Here Come The Girls)


21) Beautiful Shaving Cream leaves (The Imagination Tree)

22) Coloured Saltdough Leaf Impressions (The Imagination Tree)

23) Hedgehog Hibernation Basket (super cute) (The Imagination Tree)


24) Leaf animals and collages  (Made in Me)

25) Easy Paper Leaves (Mmm Crafts)

26) Leaf Stained Glass Window (ADORE this and did something similar at school as PRANK once.. the Art Teacher LOVED IT!!!) (The Artful Parent)

27) Paper Leaf Garland (love the choice of paper for this one)

28) Four Seasons Nature Trees (great way to connect with nature)


29) Leaf Hunt & Craft(Let’s Lasson the Moon)

30) Bark & Paint Swatch Trees (Happy Hooligans)

31) Autumn Tree Snowglobe (how appropriate) (Frugal Fun 4 Boys)

32) Autumn Leaves Rocks (The Artful Parent)

leaf art ideas

33) Leaf Drawing & Doodling (The Artful Parent)

34) Gorgeous Paper Leaves (Krokotak)

35) Autumn Leaf Greeting Cards (Inner Child Fun)

36) Yes a sneaky extra one: Felt Leaf Garland, that little hands can help make (Sun Hats & Wellie Boots)

Simple Leaf Lanterns

37) Leaf Lanterns

6 Methods to Preserve Leaves - but which is the best Which is the easiest and which is the cheapest

38) Finally.. here we explore the different ways to preserve leaves!

So! I hope this does indeed keep you BUSY with leaves this Autumn!!! We do love Leaf DIYs and are most definitely inspired!