Easy Love Monster Card for Valentines

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Time for some super duper cute Valentines Card making again! Today, we are making the lovable Love Monster from the popular Love Monster Book and BBC series (no affiliation! We just think the Love Monster is super cute). If you don’t know the book, do check it out! Regardless of whether you love the stories or not, this is one cute Love Monster Card for Valentines to make with kids!

Cute Love Monster Card

We guide you through the simple step by step process to make your very own Love Monster Card. Kids of all ages can have fun making this cute Valentine’s Day cards. Younger kids and preschoolers can have a little help (you cut out the shapes and discuss what they are called – circle, triangle and heart, they get to stick).. older kids can explore creating their own basic shapes and making their very own Love Monster.

Whether you love the book or not, I think this monster is soooo cute and makes a great Valentines Day Card for Kids regardless. Along the same lines, we have a fabulous Monster Pop Up Card with templates available tooo. You could just switch out the colours to purples, reds and pinks to make it a “valentines card” and maybe add a big heart or two!

Pop Up Monsters

Monster crafts are always a fabulous craft, especially for preschoolers and younger kids, as they can go crazy with the decor and just have fun! It is also a good to make monsters “friendly” and “lovable” to help deal with any anxieties about bad monsters. When it comes to Valentine’s Day and kids who do not like all the “heart and fluff”, I think Monster Cards make a great craft too – they can join in with the Valentine’s Day fun, with out it being too sickly cute or pink (though personally we love a bit of Valentines Day crafting.. hehehehe)!

Supplies needed for our super simple Valentine’s Monster card:

  • Red Card (we used a piece of A5 and folded it in half to make an A6 card, but you can happily make this any size and bigger!)
  • Some white paper scraps
  • Some blue construction paper scraps
  • Black markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

How to make a Love Monster Card for Valentines

Our Love Monster Card is part of a set of five Super Simple Valentines Cards designed for our Red Ted Art readers! We have a set of popular 10 Super Simple Christmas Cards and we wanted to repeat these for Valentine’s Day! The idea behind these cards, is to make them quickly and easily, so you can create and make these super simple valentine’s day cards in “bulk” and gift them to lots of friends and family. They make great classroom cards for kids of all ages, as the designs are simple enough for independent crafting. Especially elementary kids and upper elementary kids! You can use our super simple series for inspiration and then switch out the colours and shapes to personalise you cards too.

Cut the basic shape

Begin by taking your red A5 sheet of light card of construction paper and fold in half to make your basic card. As mentioned, you can of course make this card any size you want – bigger or smaller! Whatever works for you. This is why DIY Valentines are fun, as you can happily customise it!

Trim two ear shapes off the top of the card by cutting a triangle, then a straight line then another triangle (see images above).

Grab a pen or pencil and draw some Love Monster eyes onto paper. I like to give my monster two slightly different sized googly eyes… I confess, we had to draws these more than once to get the size right! But that is why it is great to use scrap paper and it is all part of the diy card making process.

decorate your monster card

Once you are happy with the eyes, cut some small triangles out the pieces of paper left over. You really only need paper scraps. Pop both the eyes and the teeth on your love monster card and check that you are happy with the sizes and shapes!

Now cute a heart shape from the blue paper and outline it with a black marker.

Glue down your paper shapes – so the eyes, the teeth and the paper heart (you can make the paper heart a large heart if you wish.. or go rough and make lots of paper hearts! Your call.. so many fun ways to personalise this cute little monster craft).

Take your markers again and add details – the big black mouth, some shaggy eye brows… if the children find the eye brows hard, you can cut some from black construction paper for them and they can stick them on insead.

added the very hairy monster bits

Finally make your love monster hairy!! After all we do love hairy monsters, right?!

Pop your monster card into an envelope and you now have a fun way to wish someone a very Happy Valentine’s Day! I think the recipients will love this little guy!

Hope you enjoyed these instructions. You can either follow the step by step tutorial written out, or watch the wee video on auto play!

make some Monster friends
You can also make the Valentine’s Bee see in the photo here!

As mentioned our Love Monster Card is part of a set of super simple homemade valentine cards for kids to give a go. We have of course, got a huge variety of all kinds of DIY cards to make… but we do love this set the classroom – kids can really flex their creativity! Receiving and giving a homemade card is always special.

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