How to Make a Fidget Spinner DIY

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Has the Fidget Spinner TOY CRAZE hit your house yet?  Has your child lost it and are you refusing to buy another? Or maybe you have some Fidget Spinners on order…  but they are taking 3 weeks to arrive? Or maybe you simply don’t “want to give in” and “waste money” on the latest fad? Well.. my kids came to me and said (yes they did): you can make anything Mummy.. can you make us a fidget spinner toy? Shock horror on my face.. and then I started thinking about it. Actually, a basic Hand Spinner Toy shouldn’t be too difficult. And of course these Fidget Toys make a good STEAM experiment for kids.. right? I did a bit of research.. and then spent quite some time “fiddling” to see which DIY Fidget Spinner without ball bearing would be the easiest for kids to make. And then we came up with today’s solution. I hope you like them.. even more.. I hope you have a go!

Fidget Spinner DIY - how to make a fidget spinners. If the Hand Spinner Fidget Toy craze has hit your home.. and you either can't or won't buy one of the kids.. or maybe your fidget spinner is stuck in the post somewhere.. why not have a go at this DIY Fidget Spinner craft. It really costs just pennies to make and is ALMOST as good as the real thing. Great Summer Craft too!

If you are bit confused, and need to know What is a fidget toy do pop over and have a good read! You may also be interested in our selection of Paper Toys (great STEAM projects there too ), as well as our Paper Pokemon Neverending Toys – which work well as Fidget Toys too! We have also brought together the “best from the web” with these DIY Fidget Spinners to check out – from cardboard Fidget Spinner DIYs like ours, to ones using ball bearings (they can be bought cheaply online and in bulk – US/ UK (aff links)).

Oh and in case you we wondering.. here a 5 Reasons Why to Keep these out of schools (unless you are using them for a Science Fair Project!)

UPDATE: We now have a set of Printable DIY Fidget Spinner Instructions – step by step photos and how to! Great for the classroom, summer camps, library schemes and other youth programs.

DIY Fidget Spinner  – Materials

  • cardboard (we used cereal packes, an old party hat and some pretty card)
  • a toothpick
  • 2 1 penny coins (I think you would use quarters in the US, right?)

We also used –

UPDATE: a NEW set of DIY Printable Fidget Spinner Templates here!

How to Make a Fidget Spinner DIY

—-> Template for 3 Fidget Spinner DIY Templates here <—–

As mentioned in the video. I spent some time trying to come up with the EASIEST Fidget Spinner How To. What would the children be able to manage (more or less) by themselves. We tried toothpicks, wires and paper clips. We tried layering and we tried rubber bands.. in the end we came up with this Fidget Toy DIY.

I also mention in the video, that these DIY Fidget Spinners are of course NOT as good as the shop bought ones. They have their limitations and they WILL break with use. The important thing is not to panic, or be annoyed, but to simply gather up your pieces (e.g. the toothpick may fall out) and glue it back together again. They are not perfect, but then they are EASY and they are CHEAP and they are still LOTS OF FUN. So with those caveats in mind, on to our how to make a fidget spinner video!! ENJOY!!
As always, I would love to hear about your creations, do share your photos on Instagram or Facebook. Be sure to @redtedart me and let your friends and family know where they can find the Fidget Spinner Tutorial.

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Fidget Spinners make a FANTASTIC Science exploration – as outline in our Fidget Spinners for Science Fairs posts. If you love the educational elements of this fun DIY.. you may also like the following!

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