Make Your Own Tiger Bookmark Corner for Chinese New Year


We love Corner Bookmark Designs on Red Ted Art. Paper Corner Bookmarks are easy to make and there are so many ways to decorate for all occasions.

Today, we show you how to Make Your Own Tiger Bookmark Corner. Perfect for all Wild Animal Bookmark Lovers or for the Year of the Tiger children. A fabulous way to celebrate Lunar New Year 2022!

TIger Corner Bookmark Designs
How to make your own Tiger Bookmark first shared in Dec 2019

To make your own Tiger Bookmark you will need:

  • Orange square paper (we used A4 folded in half and cut down to approx 21 x 21cm)
  • Orange, beige, black, white paper scraps (or work with what you have and improvise)
  • Black pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

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How to make a Tiger Corner Bookmark

Begin by making your classic basic origami bookmark corner in orange paper.

Now to embellish your Corner Bookmark

Cut your Tiger shapes!

Your Tiger Bookmark corner will need the following features:

  • Tiger ears (ovals with the bottom cut straight)
  • Tiger nose – two circles in beige, orange or white + a little black heart or triangle
  • Tiger eyes cut from white paper
  • White tiger “zig zag” teeth
  • Pen embellishmens (see below)
TIger Corner Bookmark Designs
Glue the paper tiger face together!

Once you have cut out all the shapes. Glue the mouth parts together. Be sure to add the nose and teeth. You could even cut a cheeky tongue in red!

TIger Corner Bookmark Designs
Add details in pen to your Tiger bookmark’s face

Add facial features with a black pen, aswell as pupils to the eyes and “black bits” to the ears.

TIger Corner Bookmark Designs
Glue on your features

Glue these in place on your Tiger Bookmark base.

TIger Corner Bookmark Designs
Add the finishing touches to your tiger bookmark!

Once they are all in place, you can add black triangles to give it that finished Tiger look!

Your Tiger Bookmark is finished.

TIger Corner Bookmark Designs
You Tger Corner Bookmark is finished!

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