Mini Pumpkin Rock Painting for Halloween Fairy Houses

After we finished decorating our Little Free Library with Squashed Witch Legs… the kids and I fancied decorating our Fairy Door(s). I say doorS, as we have a fairy door and the little girl across the road has one and we decided to make mini pumpkins for both.

As super easy Halloween Craft for Kids!

Decorating Fairy Doors for Halloween
Our Halloween Fairy Door is finished!

I love how one super quick little craft sparked a flurry of activity in my daughter. Making the stone pumpkins was SO QUICK and EASY:

Rock Pumpkin Painting – Materials:

  • small round rocks – pebbly shaped – but oval fine too
  • orange gloss enamel paint (this is waster proof – we used this brand US/ UK – affiliate links)
  • Tiny bit of green gloss enamel paint
  • Black Posca pen (US/ UK – affiliate links)

How to paint a rock for Halloween

We painted the top half of the rock orange (and left the back natural).

Let dry fully.

Add details to the pumpkin with your black posca pen. A sharpie would also work!


Pumpking Rock Painting for Fairy Doors

Why not go and check out our Halloween Little Free Library? Complete with DIY Squashed Witch Legs!

Adorable pumpkin rock painting how to for decorating fairy doors and dolls houses!