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Minion fever is hitting Red Ted HQ. Have you seen the new Minion Movie yet? Did you like it? Either way, we (!) love these yellow little guys. They are just such a giggle and the simplicity of the characters make it a really great craft subject for the kids too. So today, we decided to use the ever popular Monster Corner Bookmarks and convert them into Minion Bookmarks (and since then almost a 100 new Corner Bookmark Designs – just wow!!).. what do you think? We rather like our Minion craft! We particularly love that this Minion Corner bookmark makes such a great Minion Paper Craft. Paper is so wonderful versatile and there is simply SO MUCH you can make with it! From Minion Paper Boxes, to a simple Despicable Me Fancy Dress.

Easy & fun to make Minion Bookmarks - use basic origami skills to learn ow to make these fun minions

This cute and easy Minion Bookmark Designs were first published in July 2015 and have been republished for your convenience!



Make a whole set and give some Minion Bookmarks to your friends!

Minion Bookmarks – Materials

  • Yellow Paper – approx 15cm x 15cm (6″ x 6″) (Origami Paper (US/ UK) (affiliate links)
  • Blue, black & white paper/ card
  • Scissors
  • Black & grey pens
  • Glue stick

Easy and fun to make Minion Bookmarks - use basic origami skills to learn ow to make these fun minions

Now watch the How to Make a Minion Bookmark video:

You can either watch the video, or check out the written instructions for how to make a minion corner bookmark below.

If you prefer step by step written instructions for how to make a minion bookmark corner, here they are:

  1. Make your basic origami bookmark corner in yellow (we have step by step origami bookmark photos for you here)
  2. Once you have made the basic YELLOW bookmark corner, cut out a triangular piece of BLUE paper that perfectly fits into the bottom half of your corner bookmark triangle.
  3. Then trim the edges to make a diamond and glue into place. This makes your Minion’s trousers.
  4. Next cut a black strip of paper – approximately 1cm wide – and glue it across the top of half of your origami bookmark corner. Trim the any bits overlapping the sides of the bookmark.
  5. Now cut out two circles – approximately the size of a 10p coin. Outline with a sliver pen (or glue on grey cardboard, tin foil. These are your paper Minion’s eyes. Glue in place.
  6. Finally add details with a black pen – the Minion’s happy smile, some Minion hair and the G detail on the Mininon’s trousers.

And done. You have now made your very own Paper Minion Bookmark Corner DIY!!

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