Paper Jasmine Doll Ornament

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Time for Princess Jasmine!! Our 6th Disney Princess in our Disney Princess Paper Doll series. These little Paper Dolls are quick and easy to make.. are a great Paper Doll Toy to play with (they fold away neatly and can be stored in an envelope) AND also look great as a Disney Princess Ornament for the Christmas Tree or as Party Decor. Just so so so cute! Jasmine is a little different to the other princess ornaments, as she wears trousers.. so let’s see how to make a paper Jasmine Doll Ornament today! We adore Free Printables and love Paper Ornaments even more!

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Paper Jasmine Doll Ornaments – Supplies

  • Your free paper doll printable (click on the big red button below)
  • Blue paper for the trousers
  • Thread for hanging (if you wish to turn it into an Aurora Christmas Decoration)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

How to make a Jasmine Christmas Ornament from Paper

As before we share some step by step instructions for how to make this adorable Paper Jasmine Doll..

Step by step assembly instructions for your Paper Jasmine Doll (or Jasmine Christmas Decoration)

Perparing Jasmine Printable

Print out your printable and get hold of some blue paper.

ROUGHLY cut out the two Jasmine – keep them CONNECTED, for easier gluing.

Fold the paper so that the two Jasmine  are back to back. Hold against the light to align perfectly. Make a neat crease.

Then open the crease.

Add glue and the thread for hanging.

Glue the two sides together as neatly as possible.

Cut out the Jasmine outline as neatly as possible (do not accidentally cut the hanging thread off).

Cut out your circle for tracing.

Making your paper bauble for Jasmine’s Pantaloons

Using your circle template, cut out 8 blue circles.

Fold the circles in half.

Add glue to one half of one circle and place a second one on top. Glue TWO circles together.

Repeat until you have 4 sets of two circles. NOTE: Jasmine is made differently to all the other princesses.. as she doesn’t where a dress!

Shaping your paper bauble to Jasmine’s Trousers

Take one set of 2 half circles and place on top of your Jasmine paper doll.

Outline the top and the bottom curve of her trousers leg with a pencil. Trim.

Trim the remain sets thi sway.

Glue down one set of half circles per trouser leg – i.e. repeat 4 times!


NOTE: Jasmine has little feet poking out of her trousers – if you wish her to stand as Jasmine  Paper Doll.. you will have to cut these off!

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