Easy Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow for Preschool

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It’s time for more Scarecrow Fun! I didn’t plan on making a Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow.. but I was making a super cute Scarecrow Paper Puppet with Hattifant and whilst we were discussing details… inspiration struck.

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow for Preschool. Fun with Toilet Paper Rolls for Harvest Festival or Fall. How cute are these recycled Scarecrows?! Adore #scarecrow #toiletpaperrolls #tprolls #cardboardtubes #harvest #fall
First shared in Sept 2018

And when inspiration strikes, you simply have to take up on it. Right? Especially when your Scarecrow Craft is super quick, super easy AND almost no mess… right?

So this little TP Roll Scarecrow for preschool is perfect for filling 20-30min here and there, all you need is some Toilet Paper Rolls, some coloured paper and some brown paper (for the hat). You can use pens for the face or add googly eyes if you wish! Super easy. Super fun and oh so cute.

Dancing Scarecrow

Oh and because I can’t resist sharing – you may also want to check out this DANCING Scarecrow Puppet. So fun and easy to make and a great little STEAM project exploring very basic mechanics!

Perfect for any Preschool Harvest Festival Activities (or as a simple Autumn Craft)! Oh how we ADORE Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for kids all year round!

Hot of the press… see our brand new scarecrow craft for this Fall Crafting season… how ADORABLE are these little popsicle stick scarecrows – just add a little paper and bits and bobs from the craft box… and you are done. TOO CUTE!

Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow – Materials

  • One toilet paper roll per scarecrow
  • Brown packaging paper in A6 (10.5 × 15 cm – but the dimensions don’t need to be exact) – brown paper is of course great too – or cut down some brown paper bags for a great upcycle. This is for the scarecrow’s hat
  • Blue paper and paper scraps to decorate (but these can be replaced with pens or paint if you prefer)
  • A little fake straw or fake nest filling for the Scarecrow’s hair (optional) – if you do not have this, use yellow paper strips and glue those to your hat
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pens (for decorating)

How to make a Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow – Step By Step Instructions

Begin with the Scarecrow’s Paper Hat

We are making a “classic” paper hat. It is the same Origami Paper Hat pattern that you use to make an Origami boat – so if you wish to see a video on how to make a Origami Paper hat – hop over to our Paper Boat post!

Fold your paper in half and make a neat crease (image 2).

Fold in half again – then open it – so you have a crease down the middle (image 3).

Next, you will need to fold the corner in (image 4).

Easy Paper Hat. Easy Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow for Preschool. Fun with Toilet Paper Rolls for Harvest Festival or Fall. How cute are these recycled Scarecrows?! Adore #scarecrow #toiletpaperrolls #tprolls #cardboardtubes #harvest #fall
The classic Origami Hat can be shaped to suit the design of your TP Roll Character

Repeate on the other side (image 1).

Now fold the bottom flap up (image 2).

Flip your paper hat over and fold the second flap up (image 3). If you wish, secure with a little glue!

Finally (optional), you can fold the top of your paper hat down too (image 4).

How to make an Origami Hat

A quick overviewo of how to make an origami hat for toilet paper roll characters
Prep Time5 minutes


  • Rectangular piece of paper 10.5 x 15cm


  • Fold paper in half across it's width
  • Fold in half again and open up to show a central line
  • Take the right tip and bring it in to meet that central line, aligning the edges
  • Repeat with the left tip. You should now have a triangle with two flaps at the bottom
  • Fold one flap up
  • Flip over and lift the other flap up
  • The basic hat shape is done. You can fold over the edges to secure or bend down the top to shape

Time for your Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow’s body!

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow for Preschool. Fun with Toilet Paper Rolls for Harvest Festival or Fall. How cute are these recycled Scarecrows?! Adore #scarecrow #toiletpaperrolls #tprolls #cardboardtubes #harvest #fall
Adding features to your scarecrow is super fun!

Draw on your face and add your googly eyes (image 1 and image 2).

Cut a blue strop of paper that is long enough to wrap around your toilet paper roll and with a glue stick glue into place. Make sure the “seam” of your blue paper is at the back of your toilet paper roll!

Add a little patch – a square piece of paper glued down with some black lines added.

Get your Scarecrow’s hair and hat ready!!

Your Scarecrow’s hair

I found PVA glue a little better for this step. Add glue to the rim of your Toilet Paper Roll, as well as a little on the sides (image 1).

Gently put your scarecrow’s hair on (image 2).

Next, add glue to the inside of your hat and place on top of your scarecrow (image 3).

Finally – if you wish – you can add a flower – we made the flowers by cutting out paper petals and sticking to the back of a small button. Now this was fiddly, so if you are working with younger children you can do any of the following:

  1. Make the flowers for them and they can glue them on
  2. Make the flowers simple (draw a flower on paper and cut out)
  3. Use shop bought paper flowers/ fabric flowers

Ta-daaaa.. isn’t this Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow simply the cutest? Perfect for any Harvest Festival Activities for Preschool or anyone celebrating Fall or Autumn!! Enjoy!

TP Roll Scarecrow Craft

Easy Scarecrow Craft for Preschool, perfect for Fall or Harvest Festival celebrations
Active Time20 minutes
Cost: $1


  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Blue paper
  • Brown Paper
  • Coloured paper scraps for details
  • Straw or similar
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen


  • Make your paper Origami Hat (as per the Paddington Bear Hat instructions shared in how to card above)
  • Cut some blue paper and wrap it around the toilet paper roll and glue in place
  • Add glue to the rim of the toilet paper roll and glue down the straw as hair
  • Add glue to the inside of the origami hat and glue ontop of the straw hair
  • Glue on googly eyes
  • Add other facial features in pen
  • Cut and glue any additional decorative elements – e.g. paper flowers or patches

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