Paper Plate Frankenstein for Preschoolers

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Time for some paper plate Halloween fun for preschoolers with these rather adorable paper plate Frankenstein purses! Who knew good ol’ Frank could be so cute! There are so many cute cute CUTE Halloween Crafts for preschoolers, you simply have to have a go this spooky season!

paper plate halloween purse

The Best Halloween Makes Ever! series is LIVE on Sky Kids as a type. Though Arty Crafty Kids and I filmed it way back in September 2021, the schedule means, that only NOW it is finally time to share these fabulous crafts with you today. I wish I could show case them all for you today.. but I had to pick just the one (for now!).

And I thought you would particularly love the Paper Plate Frankenstein purses for preschoolers. Such a cute Halloween accessory that I think all the toddlers and preschoolers will love. But of course kids of all ages can enjoy!

Best Halloween Crafts ever
These Halloween Makes are SO CUTE! You simply have to check them out!

New to the Best Makes Ever! Series? At present it is a series of 40 arts & crafts projects over on the Sky Kids TV. Our Paper Plate Frankenstein Purse, is from the spookily fun Best Halloween Makes Ever edition. Using every day materials, to make super fun and of course easy crafts with your kids! These were created by Helen from Arty Crafty Kids and myself, Red Ted Art, as part of a special creative commission by Sky Kids Uk!

To make our Paper Plate Frankenstein Purse, you will need:

All you need to make your this cute Halloween paper plate craft, is –

  • white paper plate per Frankenstein Purse
  • green paint
  • black construction paper scraps
  • white construction paper scraps
  • ribbon/ string
  • staplers or glue
  • glue stick
  • black marker
  • scissors

It is easy to switch out your materials to suit the supplies and time you have. For example, you could use some green paper plates, if you don’t feel like getting the paints out with your charges (but I find toddlers and preschoolers do LOVE to paint… so do give it a go).

Similarly, you could use black felt instead of paper. Or paint the back of a cereal box black and cut that up instead. OR you could paint on Frankstein’s facial features.

The ribbons I used where actually recycled from paper bags you get in some of the department stores.

So as per usual: work with what you have!!! Have a much fun as you can creating your own details. No need to go out and make unnecessary purchases.

paper plate frankenstein
You could even had some paper bolts to your Frankenstein’s head!

Aren’t the these Frankenstein Purses Cute? Pop over to Sky Kids and watch your video tutorial today.. as well as exploring the rest of the series. The crafts and art projects included are:

Inspired after watching your episode over on Sky Kids?

Looking for more great Paper Plate Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers?

Here is some more inspiration!

paper plate frankenstein mask

Turn a paper plate into a 3d Frankenstein Mask (free printable template provided to help you make the right cuts). Love the details such the cork bolts and the additional scars.

paper plate halloween lantern

Paper Plate Halloween Lanterns – use this clever “tracing” technique to make fabulous lanterns, even with the most reluctant “little artists”. Use baking paper or tracing paper to create fun paper plate silhouettes for the light to shine through.

More fun crafts include:

Here are lots more easy projects for you to explore this coming October!