Apple Crafts for Preschoolers

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Apples! Apples make a wonderful craft theme for kids of all ages! As we head towards the end of Summer Crafts for Preschool, here is our special collection of easy apple crafts for preschoolers, kindergarteners and toddlers. Of course, kids of all ages, can give these ago. But they are particularly lovely for the younger children! More Fall Crafts for Preschool coming soon!

20 Apple Crafts for Fall - these apple DIY Ideas are just so cute. The kids will love having a go? Will it be apple print wreaths, yarn wrapped apple garlands or this adorable Paper Plate Apple and worm? Great Apple Crafts for Preschoolers to discover and have a go at! #apples #applecrafts #fall #autumn #backtoschool #teachers
Apple crafts are wonderful for this time of year!

This collection of apple crafts for younger kiddos, is a “subsection” of our larger range of Apple Crafts for Kids. But things sometimes get “lost” in the vast range of collections, I have, so I thought that highlighting our preschool section would be helpful.

Apple crafts are wonderful for this time of year – as we head into the “Back to School” season, as well as Autumn and Fall Crafting. Adorable apple crafts are a must!

We love preschoolers. When my kids where younger – ie toddler and preschooler age – they had an abundant love for crafting and getting stuck in. They wanted to have a go at everything and anything.. however their fine motor skills and dexterity were not always at a level that enabled them to “keep up”.

Finding the right sort of craft for preschoolers, is rewarding for both the child and the adult. They can enjoy the process as much as the end result. Here are some great Apple Crafts for Preschoolers, that will hopefully delight both children and adults alike. Sometimes it is hard to get the “age” exactly right, in which case a little assitance from the adult is called for. But I do hope you enjoy the following easy apple crafts for toddlers.

Apple Crafts for Preschoolers & Toddlers

Yarn Apple Crafts

Working with yarn is wonderful – it super tactile and great for getting little kids concentrating.

Wrapped Yarn Apples – string them into a garland – all you need is to a simple apple cut from cardboard and some yarn to wrap. They make great individual apple decorations to hang in a door frame or can be hung up as a garland in your early years classroom!

Simple Yarn Apples for Preschoolers – an even simpler version is this yarn and glue adorable apple craft from Hands On As We Grow.

Love how easy this Yarn Apple Garland is! More info on The Best Ideas for Kids.

Paper Apple Crafts

Let’s make some cute apple crafts from paper!

I have always loved these “Stuffed Apples” – this lovely puffy apple is by Buggy and Buddy. A great apple activity to get kids practicing their very basic sewing skills/ lacing skills.

Love all sorts of Coffee Filter Art, these apples are lovely by mom to 2 posh little divas. So fun! They make great apple suncatchers to decorate your home or classroom with. If you haven’t gott he large coffee filters, try giving these a go with tissue paper? (You can even grab the free and simple apple templates to make these).

I also adore this newspaper and apple print bunting. Just wonderful. More info over on The Artful Parent! We love making apple stamps! I particularly love the use of the recycled newspapers too! A great cheap and easy way to get kids crafting.

Contact Paper Apples

Love how cute these construction paper apples are! Perfect for small hands and a great fine motor activity. More info over on Twitchetts! They would make lovely suncatchers again too!

Paper Plate Apple Crafts for Toddlers

You literally can make almost anything out of paper plates I feel.. and here are a couple of easy apple crafts for toddlers and preschoolers to try!

Fun with Apple Collages! Go on a “red” colour hunt first. You can use up all sorts of odds and ends – such as pom poms, red buttons, beads, washi tape etc to make this fun apple craft. I do love the contrasting little green leaf though! Use a paper plate as a base or make a cardboard apple! Work ith what you have. More info with Fireflies and Mudpies. Such a lovely apple art project for kindergarteners!

Apple Paper Plate & Worm – you simply have to smile at that cute paper chain worm! Definitely would love to make this one with the kiddos!

Other Apple Craft Ideas for Little Ones

One of our Red Ted Art favourite craft projects for this time of year: Super Easy Apple Pinch Pots – the kids will love this easy Autumn craft! Working with air drying clay is fun and easy!

Apple Playdough Prompt (no cook recipe)

Egg Carton Apple & Worm Craft (how cute?!)

Apple Tree Crafts

Well you can’t have a cute apple crafts collection for toddlers and preschoolers, without a handprint apple tree? Right? Well how about combining handprints, will apple stamps, as Arty Crafty Kids has done here? Apple stamping crafts at their best!

Apple Picking Craft & Activity – lots of fun!

How fun are these Apple Playdough Mats? A fun little educational project for little ones.

Adorable Pinecone Apple trees. How fun!

Not only is this and adorable DIY Apple Tree (made from Cardboard Tubes) but you can also “pick the apples” and pop them into your pot. Great for DIY games or counting activities!

Fall Crafts for Preschool

I think apples make for lovely fall crafts for kids! If you liked this collection and are feeling inspired to continue your crafting journey, why not check out more of our fall crafts for preschool? Here is a popular collection of ideas, including our lovely lanterns made from leaves: