Paper Quilled Rangoli Pattern

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The Diwali Crafts for Kids series continues with a beautiful and “classic” Paper CraftPaper Quilled Rangoli Patterns! We adore paper quilling – it is such a fabulous mindfulness craft, that let’s you switch off and create beautiful things. A wonderful way to instill calm and thoughtfulness to Diwali.

Paper Quilled Rangoli Pattern for Diwali

This paper rangoli is perfect for slightly older kids who are able to work a little more methodically and neatly. If you want to have a Rangoli Craft for Preschool, try our fantastic Paper Plate Rangoli Craft!

If you love Paper Quilling, we have a list of extensive paper quilling projects for you to try!

Paper Quilled Rangoli – Materials

  1. Paper quilling strips – though you can cut your own, especially if working with younger papers
  2. Craft paper – for gluing your Rangoli too
  3. Slotted quilling tool – though a toothpick can work as well
  4. Craft glue
  5. Scissors

How to Paper Quill a Rangoli Pattern for kids

Creating different quilling shapes

Collage of step by step quilled rangoli patterns

Step -1: Select a color for the center of the quilled rangoli pattern and take a long quilling strip. Use the slotted quilling tool to coil the whole strip tightly.

Step -2:Take the coil out of the tool and place it on a flat surface and allow it to loosen up freely.

Step – 3: Select more strips for the next layer of the rangoli. I’m using blue colored strips.

Step – 4: Quill some loose coils with the blue strips.

Step – 5:  Take a loose coil and press the coil on any one point to form a teardrop shape. Glue the open end to secure the shape.

Step – 6: Similarly prepare the rest of the loose coils. Use different colored quilling strips to create more teardrop shapes.

Creating your Quilled Rangoli Pattern – layerings

Collage of step by step quilled rangoli patterns

Step – 7: Use more strips to create different shapes. You can go for basic lens shape, tight coils, twirl shapes.

Step – 8: Prepare a piece of paper (white or cream will be great!). Glue the first loose coil on the center of the paper.

Step – 9: Grab teardrop (or lens) shapes for the next layer and glue them around the center shape.

Step – 10: For the third layer glue the selected shapes in between the shapes of the previous layer.

Completing the Rangoli Quilled Decoration

Collage of step by step quilled rangoli patterns

Step – 11, 12, 13, 14: Continue to glue the prepared quilled shapes to create the quilled rangoli pattern. Make sure to keep the design and the color combination nice and sound.

Step -15: Once you’re satisfied with the quilled rangoli pattern, use scissors to cut a round zigzag border around the quilled design.

Your Paper Quilled Rangoli is done! Sit back and admire!

Paper Quilled Rangoli Pattern for Diwali

Isn’t it pretty?

Aren’t these Lotus Light Holders pretty? Simply a perfect decoration for kids to make for Diwali!!

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