Easy Witch Hat Origami for Halloween

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How we love Easy Halloween Origami Kids for kids all year round. I am always looking for new great and easy paper crafts to share with you. Today’s Easy Witch Hat Origami is by the wonderful Shingu.

It perfectly complements our Paper Halloween Craft for kids series.. and love that you can either turn it into a doodle art witch’s hat, use stickers to decorate or make more easy Halloween origami and play a game of “who is hiding”?

Selection of Paper Halloween Origami crafts - this shows how to make a paper witch hat origami
Who is hiding behind this Paper Witch Hat?!

Isn’t it adorable? Here we have two little black cats hiding.. but there is also a little origami ghost to look for!

Paper Origami Witch Hat with doodle details or add stickers to decorate
Or have fun with decorating your Origami Witch Hat using pens or stickers

Or get house those halloween stickers, black pens and metalic pens and turn your simple paper witch’s hat into fabulous doodle projects to decorate the home or classroom. They would look fun as as garland too I think!

Materials needed for an Origami Witch Hat:

  • Square paper in black, orange, purple or green
  • A little tape to secure
  • OPTIONAL for decor: scissors, paper scraps, pens, stickers and glue

Watch the easy to follow Origami Witch Hat video

We have a super quick and easy origami video for you browse! Or check out the written step by step instructions below!


Learn how to make the little black cats and the little origami ghost mentioned in the video!

How to make an Origami Witch Hat – step by step instructions

You will need a square piece of paper. We cut down and A4 sheet of paper, folded up one corner and cut across the edge to make a square.

Once you have a square fold the paper across the diagnoal to make a centre diagnal fold. (You will have this already if you cut down your own A4 sheet.

Turn so you have a diamon in front of you.

Align the top right edge with the centre diagonal.

Repeat for the left side.

Fold up the bottom point to meet the edge (it looks like a little triangle).

Unfold EVERYTHING again. This time fold up the bottom triangle FIRST and then add the left adn right flaps.

Now roll up the bottom edge 3 times. This is your base of the witch’s hat.

Secure in place with some tape.

Now decorate to your witch’s hat to your heart’s content.. use black pens for doodling or cut paper bands and shapes. You can also use stickers.

Paper Witch's Hat with black cats

Aren’t they cute?

Paper Origami Witch Hat with doodle details or add stickers to decorate

Hope you enjoyed this super duper easy Witch’s Hat and that you do have a go! Let me know how you end up using yours!! As a garland? As decorations? As part of another Halloween Origami?

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