Winter Art Projects for Preschool

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Hooray!! It is time for some Preschool Crafts.. sorry Preschool ART again! Toddlers, 2 and 3yrs olds, preschoolers – they are a wonderfully enthusiastic age group and a great age to make some wonderful Process Art with. As the Winter months continue, our days are short, the evenings are long… let’s make some wonderful Winter Art Projects for Preschool to cheer us up. Lots of Winter fun for you today!

Many of these projects would also make great Winter Art Projects for Kids in the broader sense – as young and old can enjoy them. And they most certainly compliment the Winter Crafts for Toddlers shared earlier in the week!

Easy Winter Art Projects for Preschool – fantastic process art projetcs for toddlers and 2 and 3yrs olds. Developing fine motor skills and sensory art fun.

Winter Art Projects for Preschool

As mentioned we do have a Winter Crafts for Preschoolers collection too. That collection of activities will contain more of your classic such as winter paper plate crafts, Winter theme handprint ideas (though I did sneak one or two in here too) and more. This collection focusses on winter art activity ideas!

Easy Winter Art Projects for Preschool - fantastic process art projetcs for toddlers and 2 and 3yrs olds. Developing fine motor skills and sensory art fun.

Cotton Pad Snowman Art Project – this is a project that my son came home with from preschool. I love the delightful simplicity of it and the use of recycled materials. It has been a treasured keepsake every since!

We had so much fun with these Bubble Wrap Winter Trees. My son was only little when we made these collages. We love the bubble wrap process though and think kids of all ages would still enjoy it. Add some super cute fingerprint robins and this makes for a great Bubble Wrap Four Seasons exploration! Though I cut out our trees myself, you can easily replace the papper tree here with a Paper Handprint tree too, to make this Winter art project extra special! We loved this collage and it was a fun way to explore the seasons throughout the year!

Similarly to our Bubble Wrap Winter Trees above, this Winter Colours Collage is a great way to explore the seasons through the theme of COLOUR! A wonderful way to capture beatiful winter colours. The full set of four seasons that we created using this technique. Looked so pretty together. See the full set of Sun Catcher Four Seasons here. As with the bubble wrap art tree, you can replace this tree with a Handprint Tree too!

Similarly to the Winter Trees Collages made above, these Snowflake suncatchers are super fun to make too!

The theme for the four seasons continues with our Nature Winter Trees. A wonderful way to look and connect to the Winter Season through what you can see and find outdoors. Once again, you can see all our Nature Four Season Projects in one place too!

Winter tree art is definitely a must! We have some easy Winter Trees using the tape paint resist technique, inspired by this great post from Inner Child Fun. They are super easy to do and therefor perfect for Preschoolers. The “magic” of resist art is always a pleasure! Similarly I like How Wee Learn‘s take on this winter tree activity by using newsprint or old book pages and turning the winter trees inyo winter birch tree art projects! Clever!

Snowflake art for all age groups by Inner Child Fun. Similar to the Winter trees shared above, snowflake resit art is super cute and the results are great!

Igloo Art Project – love the use of stickers for this cute project! Another great idea from Inner Child Fun! Working with stickers is great for fine motor skills and the results are adorable!

We love a bit of recycling… use that shredded paper for these Shredded Paper Snowman Collages by Babycentre! Certainly another fun winter art project the kids will love!

Something I should have done more of with my two when they were little is Ice Painting! It is the perfect winter process art activity – they aim is to paint, explore and have fun. We did have a go at it once (i think) and Pip Squeak LOVED It. Here is another great process art project for Winter by Messy Little  Monster

How FUN is this melted Snowman Painting for preschoolers? Have a wild old time with the paint and then add your features. So cute. More info over on Kiwi Crate

Gorgeous Winter Landscape Art – using simple shapes and q-tips by Krokotak

Lots of fun snowman crafts on Mrs Russels Creative Class – but particularly love the ripped paper snowmen.

Similarly I adore this paper Snowy Owl by Hannah’s Art Club

Penguin Collage Art – a gorgeous Winter Art project for preschoolers and kids of all ages by All Students Can Shine

Combine palm prints and handprints to make this super cute snowman window by Mrs Karens Class

Another beautiful winter art project, is this crayon resist art by Fun At Home with Kids. Another simple Winter Art Project for kids that is like magic! What other winter scence could you add with the crayons? Pop over to Arty Crafty Kids for an Oil Pastel version of these lovely watercolour resist snowflakes!

More artic animal fun, with this adorable polar bear art – these look so cute and easy to do – find out more from Fairy Dust Teaching

Polar Bear Resist Art.. looks like the kids had so much fun!! Play to Learn Preschool

Hope you found some arty inspiration in this Winter Art Projects for Preschool round up and that you will give these winter paintings and projects a go!

If you are looking for more great Winter Activities for Preschool – do take a look at these too!