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Our Love for Pop Up Card How To Projects continues today with a super simple but gorgeous Pop Up Heart Card Printable for Mother’s Day – though the Printable Mother’s Day is the focus of this post, we have actually made three versions of these Pop Up Heart Printables – one for Mother’s Day, one as a Birthday Card and one as a Thank You card – we do love Free Printables!

pop up hearts
These pop up heart printables are suitable for all occassions! FromValentines to Mother’s Day!

We loved the flower heart pop up design so much, that we thought it would be nice to be able to use it for lots of different occassions! When I say “we”, I mean Mrs Mactivity and I.. as this is another fabulous collaboration with this great printable resources website!

If you haven’t got a printer, but still want to make a Pop Up Heart Card… we have not one, not two but 4 further DIY Pop-Up Heart Cards for you to try in the next section below!! So fun and so easy! All suitable as Valentine’s Day Card, Mother’s Day and birthday cards for that special person!

We are not new to Pop Up Heart Cards.. and have more designs and “types” of pop up hearts for you here:

There is not just ONE way of making a pop-up heart card.. we have lots of different ones for you here:

We love each and every one of these heart card designs.. and each one is fantastic whatever you decided to make.

Pop Up Heart Card Printable – Materials

  • Per card you will need 2-3 sheets of paper* – however, we used light cardstock for the “outside of the card” and normal paper for the inside. It is totally up to you
  • Colored pencils or markers or crayons for colouring and decorating
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick for assembly
  • Your free printable heart card (The “Blank” version is available on Gumroad for free. Simply add $0 – the full set is available on TPT)

*if you wish you can print these on light cardstock paper.. but ordinary paper works just fine!

All three templates are available on Teachers pay teachers. With the freebie accessible by Gumroad. Simply add $0 at check out or add a small tip if you wish. Every little helps!

full set of printables

How to assemble your Pop Up Heart Card Printable

We have a quick video to show you how to assemble your cards! However, the printable above comes with printable instructions for assembly.. or you can read the written instructions below!

How to make a pop up heart card – step by step instructions

Print and colour the heart template

Print your “outside” of your card on light card stock (optional)

Then print your “inside” hear and the instrucions and optional stickers onto normal paper.

Colour to your hearts content! As mentioned you can do this as simple or detailed as you like. You could even experiment with watercolors!

Cut and assemble the pop-up heart

Cut out the inside heart RECTANGLE along the dotted lines.

Fold in half – so the heart is on the outside and you can see the dashed lines for cutting.

Cut along the dashed lines – NOTE – you leave a section intact – ie you do NOT cut out the hole heart.

Crease the top and bottom of the paper in the opposite direct on the heart crease. So you will need to make a mountain fold at the centre of the heart and a valley fold at the edges.

Glue down this sheet (do NOT add any glue to the heart).

Pop Up Heart Printables for Mother's Day How lovely are these Flower Heart Cards? Just print, colour, snip and and assemble. So cute!! #mothersday #printable #cards #popup #heart
The printable also outlines the full assembly tutorial

Your pop up heart card is finished. You can now add “stickers” or your own embellishments to decorate if you wish! Write some lovely messages and pop it in an envelope and give it to your loved one.

I hope you found this tutorial and free printable heart pop up card fun! And that you give it to a special person!

Happy Crafting!

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