Easy Halloween Card Ideas

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The spooktacular Halloween season is heading our way! And we adore making Halloween Crafts! Recently we have foraged into the world of homemade Halloween Card Ideas and have a set of fabulous DIY Cards and Pop Up Cards to share with you today.

handmade card ideas

For many the month of October is indeed about the creating fan-tastic Halloween Costumes and having the best Halloween sugar rush after trick or treating.. but we love the whole run up to Halloween and getting into the spooky mood, by making and sending homemade Halloween Cards!

They are a fun addition to any classroom lesson plans – complementing and seasonal activities with some creative STEAM fun.. but they DIY Halloween Cards are also a fun way to decorate the home and to give to Halloween Party Hosts!

Or maybe you are making a set of Halloween Cards as Halloween Party Invites! Whatever your card making need.. check out Red Ted Art’s collection of EASY cards to make today! ENJOY!!!!

Supplies needed to make creative Halloween Card

Making cards uses basic stationary supplies. Making “card making” a relatively eco friendly and thrifty activity for the classroom and at home!

  • Cardstock in desired colors
  • Variety of colored paper or construction paper – black, purple, orange, green and white should do the trick
  • A pair of scissors
  • Black pen or markers
  • Glue stick
  • Googly eyes could be lots of fun

As always.. don’t go rushing to the craft store. But DO work with the supplies you already have to hand. Keep it simple. Keep it creative. Keep it thrifty and eco friendly!

Halloween Greeting Card Messages

Every card needs a fun message. What Halloween card messages could you add? Try some of these fun and spooky ideas or have lots of fun creating your own:

  • Have a gourd-y Halloween
  • Don’t be a jerk-o-lantern this Halloween, so share your candy
  • Have a spooktacular Halloween!
  • Orange you pumped that it’s almost Halloween?
  • Happy Howl-oween!
  • Have a terror-ific Halloween!
  • Have a fang-tastic Halloween
  • Bugs and kisses this Halloween
  • Hope you have a boo-tiful Halloween

Teehee, aren’t these Halloween puns fun? I think, I will encourage MY kids to share their sweets and candy for sure! Lots of great Halloween wishes to choose from!

Halloween Joke Printables

Printable Spider Jokes and Ghost Jokes

We actulally have some fantasic free printable jokes that you could also include in your Halloween Greeting Cards – a set of Printable Spider Jokes and Printable Ghost Jokes (scroll down to the printable section).

Other Halloween Jokes to try out

Some of my kids’ favourite jokes:

  • Q: Why did the skeleton cross the road?
  • A: To get to the body shop.
  • Q: What is a vampire’s favorite fruit?
  • A: A neck-tarine!
  • Q: What is a mummy’s favourite music?
  • A: Wrap music!
  • Q: Where do Ghosts and Ghouls like to go on vacation?
  • A: To mali-BOO!

Simply add a “Happy Halloween” message to your card. You are done!

Fun & Easy Halloween Card Designs to Try

Handmade cards are always the best whatever the occassion. Here are some great Fall season cards to ensure you have the best haunted Halloween! As we head into the October, the month that the dead rise, lets have a cute and not scary Halloween, with these adorable homemade cards!

Halloween card designs
Add some fun Halloween Jokes to your handmade Halloween Cards

One of our first Halloween Pop Up Cards – was this adorable little Ghost Pop Up card and Spider Pop Up Card! The ghost comes with a video tutorial too!

As mentioned these adorable pop up greeting cards also include our free spider joke printable and free ghost jokes printables! Lots of great Spooks & Boos to share with your loved ones!

Pop Up Monsters

Learn how to make these pop up monster cards – they are seriously adorable. All you need is some basic shapes and then have a good ol’ play with different colored paper to make lots of different monster card designs. They make great birthday cards for the little Monster in your life too! Halloween card templates available for this one, but you can easily create your own! Don’t forget to add some cute Halloween wishes to inside of the card!

decorate the inside of the card
Any design is possible, from vampires, to mummies and werewolves!

How about this cute trio of fabulous Halloween Characters? Another fab pop up Handmade Halloween Card to make with the kids at home or in the classroom. We chose to decorate our pop up characters as Frankenstein, a witch and a ghould/ zombie.. but your imagination is the limit! How about a werewolf, vampie and Jack O’Lantern Man? or maybe a mummy or two… so many possibilities with this one easy make!

black card pop up card

Or how about this Black Cat Pop Up Cat?? SOOOO cute! Would be perfect for any witch celebrating Halloween!!

jack o lantern card

This summer, I had an intern design some crafts for me and she simply ADORES Halloween. So first up, she had a go at make some fabulous pop up pumpkin cards for Halloween. I think they would work really well as “general” Fall season cards or Thanksgiving Cards too.. but they are definitely very cute as Halloween cards. You could add a simple Jack O’Lantern or spider web design to the outside of the card to complete it!

pop up mummy

Surprise Halloween Cards

These are fun little Suprise Halloween Coloring Pages/ Cards (as they come in two sizes!). The smaller size is perfect for popping in an envelope and surprising someone with your spooky pop up pumpkin! So cute!

day of the dead card printables
Gorgeous Sugar Skull Cards

Now, The Day of the Dead isn’t strictly speaking Halloween, but it does fall around the same time of the year and has similar traditional roots – All Saint’s Day. Celebrating those that have passed way and are dear to us. So I did want to include this 3d Pop Up Sugar Skull Craft (it also comes with a plain Skull, so that would work for as a Skull Halloween Pop Up Card too). I do love the Day of the Dead flowers included in this printable, that help you customise this card further and are great for adding to the outside of this card too!

I would make this card as part of a Dia de Los Muerto’s altar and be sure to add messages to loved ones passed.

More Halloween Card Ideas from Sites we Love

3d Halloween Card designs

A clever pop up and spin Halloween card from Steam Powered Family. Complete with Halloween templates. How celver is this 3d Card? We love all creatuve STEAM projects for kids! You can make either the spinning pumpkin card or the spinning bat Halloween card design!

halloween card designs
Printable Halloween Cards are perfect for Party Invites or giving out in the classroom

Babaliseme has this adorable set of printable Halloween Mini Cards. Aren’t they teh cutest? You can choose from a Frankenstein, a Jack O’Lantern, Skeleton or adorable little Witch Card. So fun!!! Though they are made as greeting cards to print this Halloween. I reckon take make a Spooktastic Banner too? I can’t wait to give these a go. Simply adorable!

Keep calm, trick or treat and carry on. Wishing you a night full of frights and a bag full of delights. Happy Halloween! Tim Burton

Easy Pop Up Card Making Techniques

Fancy some more wonderful Pop Up Card DIYs? Be inspired here by the variety of different pop up card making techniques:

Easy Pop Up Card Projects for Kids - learn the basic techniques and design your own!
cute halloween cards