Printable Eid Gift Baskets

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One simple printable Ramadan Craft or Eid Craft – our printable Eid Gift Baskets, wishing you Ramadan Mubarak or Eid Mubarak! They are suitable for both Eid Al Fitr or Eid Al Adha though for Eid Al Adha, we also have some adorable little sheep gift baskets you can use!

Simple Eid Gift Baskets

Supplies needed for your Gift Basket

  • Light cardstock is best
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick (though you staple or tape these together too)
  • OPTIONAL: coloring pens/ pencils/ crayons
  • OPTIONAL: islamic stickers

As mentioned – these are super simple gift baskets, encouraging you to let your kids decorate them and add details!

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sheep basket craft

Visit here for the Sheep Gift Baskets!

How to assemble your Eid Gift Baskets

If you would like to see how to assemble them, they are made in the same way, as our Spring Rabbit Gift Baskets! I will share the step-by-step instructions for those here.

Print white light cardstock! Even on full color card, you can still add details in a darker shade pen or use some fun holiday stickers to decorate your gift basket.

Take your time decorating your gift baskets and get creative!

Once you are ready, carefully cut out the basket template. You will need the main body of the basket and the handle.

Make neat folds along the basket lines.

Add glue to the tabs on the sides of the basket. I find it easier to add all the glue first and then bring the sides together to make your little box.

add basket handle

Now add the handle! Your basic gift basket is finished and is ready for filling!

We like to add some “fake grass” or shredded paper to help pad the basket out a little, but you can fill it in whatever way you wish!

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