How to… Make Juggling Chooks

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If you love Sewing with Kids and are looking for a cute Easter Craft for kids to make, check out these adorable Pyramid Bean Bag Chickens. They are super easy to make, use up some fabric scraps and are fun as decorations, door stops (make in large) or can be used to learn to juggle with! So much fun with this Juggling Chook How to!

Easy Sewing For Kids: Pyramid Chickens. This Easter Sewing Project is great fun for kids. The Pyramid Chickens make great Juggling Chooks, decorations or even doorstops. So fun. So cute. So easy! #Easter #spring #eastercrafts #sewing #sewingwithkids #chickens

NOTE: this post was first published in Feb 2012 and has been republished for you convenience!

Another craft I have been meaning to make for aaaages – this cute and fun juggling bean bag chooks!  And there is nothing quite like a 4 year old’s birthday party to get you crafting (check out the Chook Bean Bag Toss)……

What I love about these chooks, is that they look ADORABLE and are surprisingly easy to make. Don’t worry – no complicated alignment of triangles. All you need is one rectangle and some clever sewing! You can machine or hand sew them. I can’t remember where I first saw these adorable pyramid chickens – it may have been on someone’s twitter profile or on etsy, but I did find instructions again on the lovely Anjie’s blog. Anjie has a beautifully crafty blog and she has already guest posted for me twice! So if you don’t know it, it really is worth a visit! And lots more Sewing Projects for Kids here! This would be a great project for a child learning to sew!

I thought you may benefit from some additional photos, so I took pictures of my “making process” for you too, as well as a mini side step on how to do a French Knot.

This Pyramid Chickens inspired these TP Roll Chicken Gift Boxes:

Turn  Toilet Paper Rolls into fabulous Chick Gift Boxes! How cute are these? And they are no mess and only take minutes to make!!

Watch the Sewing Crafts for Kids Video or check out the step by step photos below.

Juggling chickens bean bags - these are SO CUT and so easy to make. They make great decorations, are fun for juggling or make a "large" version as a door stop. Super cute and easy Chicken Pattern. Perfect for Spring and Easter crafts and beginner sewing!

How to make a pyramid bean bag chicken – Materials:

  • Some larger fabric scraps – approx 20cm x11cm is ideal, but I have used 2 10x10cm squares and that worked too
  • Some felt for the comb and beak.
  • Embroidery thread for eyes (though you could use buttons, beads or paint them on with acrylics).
  • A little stuffing and rice.

How to make a pyramid bean bag chicken – video how to

You can either watch our video tutorial or follow the step by step instructions in the next section!

How to make a pyramid bean bag chicken – Photo Step By Steps:

These instructions are now available as a 3 page lesson plan and worksheets on Teacher’s Pay Teachers, should you find this useful. Purchasing these handy worksheets help keep this website up and running! Thank you for your support.

juggling pyramid chicken
juggling pyramid chicken

1) Cut out your fabric (20cm x 11cm) and felt pieces (comb, beak, waddle). Place it length wise, pattern side up in front of you and place your felt pieces in top right hand corner. Then fold your fabric up. This way your final seam will run across the back of the chicken. You can have the fabric going width wise – in this case you would have your final seam across the front of the chicken. I think both ways looks nice, but have a slight prefence towards the back! I only realised this effect after making 10 (yes, 10!!, of these chooks!). Be sure not to have the felt comb too close to the right hand edge, as you may sew it by accident.

juggling pyramid chicken

2) Sew across the top and right hand side. Leaving the left hand side open for stuffing.

french knot
french knot
french knot
french knot

3) Add a French Knot for eyes:

(i) Bring needle up from below the fabric.

(ii) Point needle down towards fabric and wrap the thread round 3-4 times. I think I did 4. Don’t do it too tightly though.

(iii) Insert the needle close to the where your needle came up and pull down and through the fabric

(iv) Done!

juggling chickens
chicken bean bag
chicken bean bag
chicken bean bag

4) Here comes the clever bit.  I have seen tretra packs like this. First add a little stuffing to the head (a small hand full?) and then some rice (I was curious, my final chicken weighs 60grammes!! But ahem, I am sure the exact weight doesn’t matter).  The above photo shows the chicken on its side and filled.  Then take the sides and pinch inwards, and some more, creating a new diagonal. Tuck in the fabric. And sew! (I hand sewed this bit as found it easier, but you can machine sew it too!


bean bag chicken
juggling chickens bean bags

I warn you.. these bean bag chickens are seriously addictive. I made four chickens to begin with – as Red Ted will be four next week.. Then I snuck off and did another 6… and then I realised I hadn’t taken the right photos for you, so sewed my 11th juggling chicken!! Fancy making one? They would be a great little Easter gift too!

Have you given these Pyramid Chickens a go? It really isn’t as hard as you think and you will find that the kids adore it! Check out our teaching kids to sew article! As well as our great Sewing Projects for Kids!

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