Recycled Milk Carton Ramadan Lantern Craft

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Our Ramadan Series continues with a gorgeous Ramadan Lantern Craft from The Whimsy Muslim Mama. Ramadan Lanterns (or Fanoos) are a traditional lantern from Egypt that are frequently used to decorate streets and homes during Ramadan. Join us to make this lovely lantern craft today.

Ramadan Lantern Craft

This DIY Ramadan Lantern looks beautiful both lit up and during the day!

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Why make Ramadan Lanterns?

Decorating with lanterns for Ramadan (also known as Fanoos) is a big part of the Ramadan month. You will see many bright and colourful lamps around this time of year. They orginate from Egypt, but the exact reason as to why lanterns are such a big part is not 100% clear.

Some say this dates back to the 10th centry, when the visiting ruler (caliph) was greeted by Cairo citizens holding lanterns.

Other say that it comes from the beginning of Ramadan, when children carrying lanterns, accompanied the caliph to see the crescent moon up on the hill.

Others again say, that around the time Egyptian rulers required that businesses hang lantern outside their businesses.

Source: Little Passports – visit for more information about Fanoos/ Ramadan Lanterns

DIY Ramadan Lantern Craft – Supplies

  • A small box, a milk carton or juice carton would work wonderfully too
  • Tissue paper or tracing paper for the front of the lantern
  • Black paint
  • Gold pen
  • Gold paper/ foil/ accessories (e.g. for the lantern trim and moon embellishments)
  • Scissors/ craft knife
  • Pencil (for sketching/ marking out design)
  • Glue stick
  • Paint Brush
  • Electric tealight

How to make a Ramadan Lantern

Time to make our Ramadan Lantern. You will need a small cardboard box, or a milk carton would work really well too.

cut your box to shape

If you don’t have a box, you can fold some cardboard into a cuboid and seal off the top and bottom. Cut a hole in the top or back to allow access to your electric tea light.

cut a shape into your lantern

Sketch out a traditional lantern shape on the front of the box. It may help you to draw a pencil line down the front to get the symmetry right.

Though we painted the box later, this is also a good time to paint your box in your desired colour. All colours work.. but we went for black and gold to represent the night sky.

write "ramadan" in arabic

You can get your child to practice their arabic writing skills and write the word Ramadan in arabic – ????? – onto transparent paper.

glue in place

Stick your tissue paper to the inside of your lantern (this is where your electric tea light access hole is also necessary!!).

paint the lantern

Paint your box (if you haven’t already done so).

let dry

Let try fully!

add details in gold

Once our lantern is dry, you can take a gold pen and add lots of stary night details. Start of with the larger planets and shoot stars, Then add smaller stars and finally fill the gaps with dots!

finished ramadan lantern

If you have some gold paper or gold trim, you can now finish off with some details around the lantern opening. Some little gold star stickers or embellishments are always useful too!

Pop your electric tea light inside and you are finished!

Now don’t forget, if you enjoyed this lovely recycled Ramadan Lantern Craft, you simply HAVE to hop over to The Whimsy Muslim Mama on instagram for a browse and follow!

light up lantern ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak!! (Have a blessed time!).

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