Reindeer Paper Plate Purse for Preschoolers

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We have another Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers for you today. Let’s make some reindeer paper plate purses for Christmas! This is such a cute and easy Rudolph Crafts for Kids! Your preschooler will have a blast making and using the purses all Christmas season.

Paper Plate Reindeer Purse

Aren’t they are adorable? Such an easy craft for kids too. And here is how you make them!

Whilst I have your Reindeer Lover’s attention – you may also love this reindeer preschool gem:

reindeer handprint

Don’t you think handprints make the perfect reindeer antlers too? So cute! In fact, you could combine this handprint reindeer with your paper plate reindeer purse if you wish!

To make your Rudolph Purse you will need:

  • Two paper plates per purse (if you have seen our paper plate purses before, you will see you can also make them with out ONE paper plate… but then you also need some ribbon for hanging.. I decided to use paper plates only this time.. but really.. as with all our crafts.. go with what you have got and what your preschooler likes more!)
  • Brown paint & brushes
  • Newspapers (to paint on)
  • Paper in various colours to add reindeer features to your paper plate purse
  • Glue
  • Stapler (though you can use glue too)

How to make a reindeer paper plate purse for Christmas

As mentioned, this paper plate purse is a little different to the ones we have made before – in that thet paper plate is also the handle of your purse. This means you won’t need any festive ribbon or string for your cute preschooler reindeer craft! However, if you want to SAVE on paper plates and use less (e.g. in a classroom setting), then maybe do use ribbons instead – and see how we assembled our purse as per our Pumpkin Paper Plate Purse. Work with what you have!

paint the paper plate

Begin by painting your paper plate brown! We decided to add a little white to our brown as our brown paint is very dark. To be fair, preschoolers LOVE mixing colours, so this is a fun first step too!

cut the purse shape

Let your paper plates dry fully!

Fold your paper plat in half to create a “guide line”.

Cut out the top centre bit of your paper plate and KEEP THIS CUT OUT. See image.

The first bit of cutting is always hardest – so you may find it easier to cut a little with some small sharp scissors first. I also find it easier to cut across the straight edge first before cutting the curve.

Repeat for second paper plate. You now have your basic paper plate purse shape complete with handles!

cut a basket

Use the cut offs to cut out some ears and antlers. The unpainted side of cut offs is perfect for the antlers and the painted side for the ears!

decorate as rudolph

Now time to cut some more Rudolph features out fo ryour paper plate.

Be inspired by some of these Kawaii Rudolph drawings here!

Experiment with different sizes and features. As you can see in the images, eye size and nose size gives your reindeer paper plate a completely different feel. We also cut out some paper holly and ivy.

glue in place with preschooler

Now get your preschooler to glue all the reindeer’s features in place.

Once your paper plate has been decorated as rudolph, you can staple the two paper plates together, to make the purse.

As mentioned, you can glue the two sides together too.. but that takes a while to dry.

Paper Plate Rudolph Purse

Fill your reindeer purse with yummy treats!

Paper Plate Reindeer Purse

Your preschooler will LOVE these paper plate purses,d on’t you think? Enjoy!!!

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