Easy Reindeer DIY Ideas

How we love RUDOLPH and Reindeer DIY Ideas!!! Reindeers make the best Christmas Craft for Kids theme. They are cute, lovable and fun!

And we have some great Reindeer Crafts for you to check out today! I have loosely put them into different groups and headings… but a number of them could fit into multiple sections!

Collection of easy Reindeer Craft Ideas for kids

Paper Reindeer Crafts

As you know we are great fans of Paper Crafts! So much so, that our new Kids Crafts Book is dedicated to Easy Paper Projects! Paper is easy to get hold of and surprisingly versatile. Here are our best Rudolph Paper Crafts for kids!

Part our set of Paper Christmas Puppets we have a reindeer too!

What paper puppet collection, isn’t complete with a fabulous and oh so cute Paper Reindeer Puppet? How we love Rudolph!! Watch him dance. A great simple STEAM project, introducing the basics of mechanics to kids.

Don’t you love how you can create so much “fun stuff” with just paper? Turn brown paper and some simple Bauble Colouring Pages into a Pin the Reindeer Nose game! Party of our collection of Christmas Party Games!

Oh yes, we HAVE to have a Reindeer Corner Bookmark Design!

With well over 120 Corner Bookmark Designs, there really HAD To be a Reindeer Bookmark Corner too, right? This is actually one of our “early” designs, leading to way to our Bookmark Corner obsession.

Rudolph’s pom pom nose is just adorable!

Fun with Rudolph Pegs! Aren’t these delightful? A fun way to play with printables this Christmas.

Cutest Reindeer Origami

How cute are these little paper Reindeers? This is a great introduction to origami for younger kids – have a go at this lovely Reindeer Origami pattern!

Get organised with a set of Christmas Desk Tidies

Or how about decorating and getting organised with out Reindeer Pen Pot? He is part of a set of fabulous Christmas Desk Tidies.. AND can also be used as a Tin Can Bowling Game this Christmas.

Reindeer Greeting Card Ideas

Fabulous 2 for 1 Reindeer Printable

You know we adore making paper baubles.. so created this 3d Paper Reindeer Bauble and Reindeer Cards. It is a fantastic “2 for 1 set” that you can use either as a paper ornament OR as a Christmas Pop Up Card.

Super Simple Rudolph Christmas card to make in less than 3min

Part of the super simple Christmas Card series, learn how to make this quick and easy Rudolph Greeting Card for Christmas.

Or try your hand at Paper Quilling make some Rudolph Gift Tags or Christmas cards. Aren’t they cute?!

A few years ago (quite some time now!!) I turned a black and white photo of little Ted into our Christmas Cards!! These wer so easy and fun to make (and super thirfty too!). Hop over for more info on this easy Reindeer Photo Card design.

Reindeer Ornament Craft Ideas

Walnut Reindeer Craft
Walnut Reindeer Ornament

We love the rustic and traditional look of these Walnut Reindeer Ornaments. I have happy memories of (eating and) crafting with Walnuts! This is such an adorable and simple design that is quick and fun to make (could even be sold at Christmas craft fairs!).

Felt Reindeer Ornament

Or how about some Christmas Sewing with this rather adorable Felt Reindeer Ornament ? You can make just the head or the full body one.. use it as a felt ornament for Christmas or wear it as a felt brooch.

The kids will love this cheeky Paper Rudolph Bauble design! Part of our great set of Paper Ornament ideas.

Recycled Christmas ornaments

Or have a rummage through the recycling box, with these super fun and simple Rudolph Bottle Top Ornaments.

Cork Ornaments are a great way to decorate with

Or get festive with some DIY Cork Ornaments, again we have a super simple but fun Reindeer Cork Ornament design for you to check out.

Other fabulous Rudolph Crafts for Kids

One of our early TP Roll Rudolph Crafts!

This Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer takes me back MANY moons. Probably one of our earliest Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for kids. Love the combination of recycled materials and nature finds (ie the sticks!). So cute.

reindeer ideas

Similarly, you can turn your Toilet Paper Roll, into this super duper quick and easy Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer gift box! Fill with treats and Hershey’s kisses! So fun.

How to make Pinch Pots for Christmas - Reindeer!
Easy Reindeer Pinch Pot

How to make a Pinch Pot for Christmas – This Reindeer Pinch Pot is so fun to make!

Reindeer Sleigh Centre Piece made from Cardboard

Or how about having some fun with Cardboard and creating this fantastic Reindeer Sleigh gift centre piece? SO CUTE!!!!

Rudolph Cupcakes
Cheeky Rudolph Cupcake!

Last.. but not least, make a cheeky Rudolph Cupcake with the kids!! Bake your favourite (vanilla) cupcake and decorate as our cheeky little Rudolph. Yum!

Hope you love our Reindeer Crafts as much as we do. Here is our complete collection of Christmas Crafts for Kids:

Wonderful collection of Christmas Crafts for kids. Simply must see and have a go at!
Best Christmas Crafts for Kids!
Collection of easy Reindeer Craft Ideas for kids