Review – Andy Warhol’s Colors


Andy Warhol's Colors  

Andy Warhol’s Colors By Susanna Rubin

Mmmh, I think we have gone all arty at the Red Ted HQ, but that is ok, as that is what we are here for. We have seen “Katie and the Mona Lisa” and last week we look at “Anna’s Art Adventure“, were Red Ted really enjoyed reading about “Andy WooWoo”. Granny found this book “Andy Warhol’s Colors” and thought that it would be something for Pip Squeak too. We love it. It is a nice child size and it has some wonderful Warhol reproductions in it, that I didn’t even knew existed! Like the Dog (You Are So Little) and Cat. They are surprisingly child friendly drawings and with pop art brightness perfect for discussing and discovering colours. A very sweet book and one I can read with a 1 year old AND a 3 year old AND enjoy as an adult. Perfect!