37+ Sea Shell Craft Ideas

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I see seashells by the sea… or doesn’t the rhyme go something like that? I forget.. but what I DO know, is that my kids LOVE collecting shells – all the time. They are irresistible, so I thought it would be nice for us to have a Shell Craft Ideas hangout for you and create this sea shell craft video! We love nature crafts for kids and we especially love shell craft ideas!! And of course have a great set of Summer Crafts for Preschoolers too!

Seashell Craft Ideas - over 37+ ideas to keep you Summer Crafts Happy. Love all these shell crafts for kids and grown ups.. a wonderful way to create the best summer keepsakes! #shells #summer #summercrafts #crafts #seashells #beach #projects
Note: these Sea Shell Crafts were first published in July 2013 and have been updated and republished for your convenience. How we love a Shell DIYs for summer!!

First thing to note: before you go shell collecting, please check with your local beach whether it is allowed, as some beeches prohibit it.

Second thing: always wash your shells thoroughly once home and let them dry completely before using them!

Sea Shell Crafts

Drift Wood and Shell Rattles – if you bring some string/ elastics with you to the beach, you can make them WHILST at the beach.. love.

Bead and Sea Shell Mobile – an easy make for young kids. We have two sets hanging in our garden now and whenever i see them I think of our different days to the beach! One with Grandpa and one on a VERY WINDY day!!

Easy Shell Necklaces – these are SO easy to make and great for little hands.

shell magnets

Make some lovely Crab Shell Fridge Magnets ! They are also in my book Red Ted Art – Cute & Easy Crafts for kids – I have the last few copies if you still want one. Email me!

More lovely shell crafts


The Imagination Tree makes lovely Saltdough Shell imprints, fun and fascinating for the kids to make and look super pretty. Lots of learning and developmental opportunities too.


Next Zing Zing Tree shares the simple shell people, that look great fun to make. It doesn’t stop there…

shell crafts

And she also shares, a “shell must” craft – the shell treasure box.

shell crafts (2)

I LOVE these simple shell candles from Hub Pages – there are more ideas on this page too, but  I thought the candles where quite original!

Love these Succullent Shell Flower Pots

We have some more planters from  Martha Stewart comes up with some pretty looking flower pots. As well as –  Or if you have LARGE shells to hand, consider making some Shell Planters. They look wonderful.

A different take on the shell candle idea, are these simple flat shell candles (paint them first or keep them plain), OR these clam shell candles (you do need to take a peak at these!). Beautiful.


We love some shell windchimes or mobiles.

Love the shell place settings (these are to buy, but am sure we can work out how to make them?)!

And things this shell tote bag is beautiful too – perfect for those “holey” shells!

shell crafts ornaments

And these shell ornaments would be great for a seaside Christmas!

Seashell art

Last but not least – Seashell poetry – what a wonderful way to capture holiday moments!

Wonderful Painted Seashells. How pretty are these?! Find out more over on Moms and Crafters!

How to paint GALAXY shells by Color Made Happy!

More Cute Seashell Crafts for Kids


Similarly to our Walnut Boats, why not make a little Shell Boat?

Or how about this Seashell Craft Idea for kids:  lovely Shell Fish (they make great fridge magnets)

I also ADORE these Shell Dog Ornaments from Etsy!


We love these Seashell Dollies.

Adore how colourful these Seashell Ornaments are… combine your summer finds with colourful buttons to create these!

Collect a BIG STASH of seashells.. then use your wonderful summer finds to create fabulous keepsake Seashell Art!

Another great and easy seashell craft ideas for kids, are these gorgeous Shell Mermaid Necklaces from Mama Papa and Bubba!

Finally, if you are sea shell hunting, how about these handy Seashell Identification Worksheets?

More Summer Activities for Kids:

Summer days out
Seashell Craft Ideas - over 37+ ideas to keep you Summer Crafts Happy. Love all these shell crafts for kids and grown ups.. a wonderful way to create the best summer keepsakes!

Hope you enjoyed this collection of seashell crafts and shell DIYs and that these will help you cherish your holiday moments!