Simple Bat Corner Bookmark

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A cheeky blast from the past!!! We shared this super duper cute and easy origami bat before! However, I feel I didn’t sufficiently highlight the bat’s dual purpose of paper bat decoration AND Simple Bat Corner Bookmark… and as you know we adore Corner Bookmarks! So if you are looking for some great Halloween & Fall Bookmark Ideas, do give these lovely bats some consideration. The perfect Paper Halloween Craft for kids!

Simple Bat Bookmark Corner for kids. Learn how to make this origami bat and turn it into a fabulous bookmark #origami #bats #bookmarks

Photo credit to my lovely Instagram friend Cinta & Co who had a go at making our little bat bookmarks!


Easy Origami Bats Materials –

  • Black paper (square)
  • Embellishments (white paper, pink paper, pens) (optional)
  • Glue stick (optional)
  • Scissors

Easy Origami Bat – How To:


Simple Bat Corner Bookmark - learn how to make this easy Origami Bookmark Bat! Perfect for Halloween Paper Crafts for kids! Adorable Paper Bat Bookmark!

As with all origami – video instructions really are the best way to see how to make them! It is only after I created the video below, that I realised how well these Paper Origami Bats also work as bookmarks!! The video doesn’t actually show them in reading format… but so longas you cut the shape out the top of you bat’s head, they double up super well as corner bookmarks too..

Enough chat. Let’s see how these super duper cute Bat Corner Bookmarks are made!

I hope you like these cute bats and do have a go! Hope you enjoyed the video!!! And that you have a go at making these this Fall/ Halloween!

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