Sparkly Star Crafts for Toddlers

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It is that time of year, when we need some lovely festive and sparkly crafts for the the little ones! Check out our collection of magical star crafts for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten! We have shared some of these as part of our DIY Star Decor before, but sometimes they get lost in the “big” collections. So sharing our favourite Sparkly Star Crafts for Toddlers today. Obviously your preschoolers and kindergartners will love them too!

Easy & Simple Star Crafts for Preschoolers

Star Crafts & Activities for Preschoolers
So many great Star Crafts for Preschoolers

These Toddler Star crafts are PERFECT for as Christmas decorations and for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Or make (some) of these in Red, White and Blue and they would be perfect 5th July Crafts for Preschoolers too (maybe not the Santa Stars! Teehee).

Young children LOVE arts and crafts, they gain so much from participating in craft projects (from fine motor skills, to colour and shape learning, to simply having fun) and yet, their ability limits a little what they can do. Which is why, it is good to get JUST THE RIGHT crafts for them. I hope you like these Preschooler Star Crafts & Ideas!

Star Crafts for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kindergarten

Stars make great Christmas cards

Santa Stars and Friends

First up we have our Santa Star Cards for Toddlers! For me Santa Stars form a core childhood memory, so when my kids were little we made them a few times. The first time, we turned them into a little garland. The next time, we made them as this set of Santa Cards (and friends). Later, we had a go at some Santa Star Cookies (more effort) and popsicle stick Santas too!

Paper Plate Star Twirlers

Making paper plate twirlers is a lovely way to engage young children and also to decorate. So why not check out this lovely Paper Plate Star Twirler for Preschoolers! This would be a great Twinkle Twinkle Littel Star decoration or is perfect as some New Year’s Eve decor too!

Salt Dough Stars for the Christmas Tree

If you are have some star ornaments for the Christmas Tree, you have to of course try these easy Easy Salt Dough Stars, should be a Christmas Classic for Preschoolers. They work really well strung up as a little star garland too. But we do love them as simple Christmas Ornaments!

Such a classic Christmas Gift for Kids to make!

Air Dry Clay Star Tea Lights

We do love clay Candle Holders! The star shaped ones are so cute! We love the addition of some colorful glitter to make these little candle holders pop. They make great gifts at Christmas time too!

Recyeld Crayon Stars

Recycled Star Shaped Crayons – who doesn’t love a good upcycle! Note – we have had best results by using good qualty wax crayons only. Don’y mix in some poor quality ones…

Pretty colorful stars that promote fine motor skills

Perler Bead Stars

Practice Fine Motorskills with Pony Bead Stars – such a simple craft to keep kids busy! They make great ornaments or stick them to Greeting Cards. As the kids get older, they can start making pretty patterns too. Just hang on a ribbon and you are done!

Bubble Star Wands for New Year’s Eve

Star Bubble Wands for New Years – we espcially love these magical wands, as they take away from the noise and chaos of fireworks and give you a nice gentle alternative for toddlers! You won’d need a star template for this clever pipe cleaner craft.. just some cookie cutters.. These star wands adapt REALLY well for the 4th July. Simply replace the pipe cleaners with blue and red ones add red, white and blue pony beads!

Giant Star

Giant Puffy Stars by Art Bar. A gorgeos art project for sure! Giant stars are great for young children, as “big art” is not just great for fine motor skills, but also gross motor skills.. as you start using more of your whole body to get creative. You can use paints, stamps, stickers, eco friendly glitter… whatever takes your fancy!

Ass some Sparkle with Tin Foil Stars

Foil Art Stars by Exploring More (they used a hot glue gun for the lines, but you can wrap some yarn instead too, making it a little more eco friendly). This would a make lovely Christmas Star for the top of the tree!

New Year's Eve ideas for young kids

More Sparkle fun with playdough Stars

Gorgeous Play Dough Stars and galaxy with Buggy and Buddy! Homemade playdough is always LOTS of fun to work with. And all the glitter, sprinkles and sequins make it extra magical!

Simple Star Cards

Shine Star Cards by Sand in My Toes (this website is no longer available.. but I share simple instructions). A nice simple craft that young children will enjoy. Simply get your card stock, fold it in half. Paint the front with with paint brushes or cotton wool. Once dry, glue on some paper stars! Done. You have made an adorable Star Card!

Suncatcher Stars

Easy Star Suncatchers from Crafts On Sea. I particularly love the contrast of the yellow tissue paper against the black paper!

Pasta Star Christmas Ornaments

Pasta Shell Stars from Educators Spin on It. Who doesn’t love to work with pasta at Christmas! These would look great using colourful paints too.

Star shaped drums

No Time for Flashcards shows us how to make star drums with her preschoolers.

Simple Star Lanterns

Easy Jam Jar Lights by Hodge Podge Crafts. How sweet are these jam jar lanterns? Your little one will love using a star shaped hole punch to make these!

Yarn-Wrapped Star Ornaments

Colourful Yarn Wrapped Stars – yarn wrapping is great for fine motor skills and you can have lots of fun exploring and mixing colours and using different coloured cardstock.

I hope you have enjoyed these Star Craft Ideas for your little ones!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas/ Happy New Year or fantastic 4th July Celebrations!

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