Toddler New Year’s Eve Countdown Activities


We already have a fabulous New Year’s Eve Countdown Activities for Kids collection, but I thought it would be helpful to pick out some ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers. We love New Year’s Eve Crafts for all. But today it is all about Preschool Crafts and Activities. From Toddlers to Preschool!

New Year's Eve ideas for toddlers

The thing to remember about New Year’s Eve with little ones is a) that you really don’t have to bother if you don’t want!! Life is busy enough…. but b) if you DO want to celebrate the occasion in some way, you can do it on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. No rush. Just enjoy time together…. and have fun.

Our favourite New Year’s Eve ideas for Toddlers

We adore these Toddler New Year’s Eve Bubble Wands! Not only are they super fun to make (and yes.. of course.. EASY to make), but they are also a great alternative to the loud banging fireworks. We made ours in gold and silver, from leftover Christmas Tree Decorations, however, make them in any colour you like!

And make your own Bubble Recipe too! Make sure you make a batch ahead of time! Diy Bubble Mixtures get better “over time”, so it is good if you can let it rest a bit before!

new years eve

Here is a nice and easy one – make New Year’s Eve Time Capsule! Again, like with all the activities here, you can actually make these “anytime” around New Year’s Eve. No need to stay up late and “stress” with little ones, but still a really nice time to sit together and reflect!

Paper cup poppers are fun to play with

Similar to the bubble wands, these Easy Paper Cup Party Poppers are a fun way to play and ring in the new year, without all the NOISE of the fire works or fire crackers. A great sensory alternative for little ones!

Paper Roll Fireworks for New Year's Eve

Similarly we have these easy Paper Roll Firework Blowers! These are super cute and easy to make. Use upcycled tissue paper and Toilet Paper Tubes!

Or why not make this lovely Twirling New Year’s Eve Stars decoration. This would look pretty throughout the New Year too (until you are ready to make a new Twirler for Valentine’s!).

Who doesn’t love a tasty treat. I love these simple Edible Chocolate Sparklers – you can use chocolate fingers or breadsticks.. but be sure to get hold of some popping candy for extra fun!

Alternatively make some Star Sparkle Wands to Eat – so fun to make and even tastier to eat!

Countdown Clock for 2020

We also have a great set of New Year’s Eve Printables to make life easier and fun! First up we have our 2020 countdown clock printable – colour, decorate and assemble.. then start counting down. A great way to practice your numbers too!

Now available as Happy 2020 Party Hats too!

Printable Party Hats (updated to 2020!) – option of colouring pages or ready coloured!

Timeless DIY Calendar!

Keepsake Calendar – I love those toddler scribbles and egg men. Never will you have those cute drawings again. Maybe combine it with some handprint art?

Funny Faces with the New Year’s Eve Photo Prop Booth – this will always great a fabulous set of Keepsake photos!

More Easy Toddler New Year’s Eve Countdown Ideas from friends

And now for some great Toddler and Preschool New Year’s Activity ideas from our friend’s amazing websites and blogs!

Celebration Playdough by Buggy And Buddy

Crazy Noise Maker Faces by Pink Stripey Socks

Firework Salt Painting by Busy Mommy Media

New Year’s Eve Paper Plate Clock by The Pinterested Parent

New Years Eve Sensory Bottles by Little Bins For Little Hands

Blow Painting Fireworks – My Kids Adventures

Firework print making by Juggling with Kids

TP Roll Firework Art from Arty Crafty Kids

Easy New Year’s Eve noise makers by Mom Unleashed

Last but not least, how about some fantastically fun hats from Crafts N Things?

Wishing you all the best for 2020! May you have a fantastic start to the New Year!

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New Year's Eve ideas for preschoolers