Easy Toilet Paper Roll Valentine’s Owl for Preschoolers

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Say aaaaah! Yes it is time for some adorable Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers. Actually, I think these Toilet Paper Roll Valentine’s Owls are suitable for kids of all ages, as they are so darn cute! You can make them as a cute Valentine’s Decoration or take inspiration from our Owl Pill Boxes and turn them into fabulous gift boxes for candy or small gifts too!

toilet paper roll valentines owl

Though Valentine’s Day Crafts may feel a long way off.. I do think that these make a perfect craft to help blow away some of the doom and gloom of the January months. We are so ready for some colour and cheerful decorations! I also think they are a lovely little heart owl to revisit when crafting for Mom on Mother’s Day!

Supplies needed to make Toilet Paper Roll Valentine’s Owls

toilet paper roll valentines owl

Making your Valentin’s Day Crafts shouldn’t require the need to make expensive/ additional purchases.. we kept things simple:

  • empty toilet paper rolls – one per owl. Or use large paper towel rolls, cut in two (a fun way to make different sized owls, as per our blue owl and little pink owl)
  • paint in desired colours
  • construction paper/ printer paper in desired Valentine’s Day colours – though they don’t HAVE to all be pinks and reds, do add at least some yellow and orange for owl beaks and feet! Bits of scrap paper is really all you need!
  • glue/ glue stick (no hot glue gun needed, as this craft is paper based!!)
  • black markers
  • scissors
  • OPTIONAL: googly eyes, thouh we LOVE the heart shaped that we drew – making it not only owl adorable but also more eco friendly and biodegradable

I really do love how much fun toilet paper rolls can be… such a fun craft material to “save” from the trash and get crafty with!

How to make Toilet Paper Roll Valentines Owls with kids of all ages

I hope you find this an easy tutorial and give adorable toilet paper roll owl craft a go. These Valentines Day Owls make a great classroom activity as well as are fun for making in the home with your kids!

Paint your toilet rolls

Start off by painting a number of toilet rolls in the desired colours. You don’t have to stick to pinks and red paints.. use orange, purple and blues too!

paint in lots of colours

Let the painted rolls dry fully!

Shaping the the oilet roll into an owl’s head

shape the top of the toilet roll

Begin by shaping the top of the roll into an owl “head”. Do this by squeesing the centre of the rim gently inwards and shapping a curve.

fold the rim of the paper roll

Then flip the roll over and repeat on the other side.

Adding the Owl’s Face and Heart Shape Features

ready to decorate the toilet roll into an owl

We are now ready to decorate our toilet paper roll as an owl. As mentioned, you can go one step futher and shape the bottom of the toilet paper roll too, to make Owl Pill Boxes for small gifts! This is a great way for older kids to give gifts gifts to class mates and friends.

cut owl eyes, owl beak and wings
Cut all your owl features as heart shapes

Notice how all our shapes are hearts – save for the eyes – which we will decorate as a heart in a moment… I love that the owl beak and the owl feet, as well as the wings are all heart shaped! When cutting out multiple hearts the same size, I fold the paper and cut more than one shape at the same time. You can also have fun using a heart shaped hold punch! If needed, search “Heart template” on the internet to help you cut the shapes out.

We decided to go for a heart shaped owl tummy too. Though it would be fun to add a strip of washi tape to the owls body and vary it up if you wish. Similarly you can use stickers and gems too! Or even use some fabric cut offs for this feature. Don’t rush to the dollar store and make expensive purchases.. work with what you have to make this a thrifty and fun craft for preschoolers and toddlers (as well as eco friendly and bio degradable!).

use a marker to draw heart eyes

Take your black marker and draw some heart shaped pupils onto your white circle. A big kid should be able to manage on their own. You may want draw this heart for little ones!

glue owl features in place
toilet paper roll valentines owl

I like to stick the heart shaped paper wings at right angles to the side of the owl. Your basic Toilet Paper Roll Valentines Owl is now finished. You can of course keep going and add some biodegradable glitter, gems or doodles to oyur owl’s body if you wish! But I like them this way! Nice and simple. And oh so cute.

What a hoot!

toilet paper roll owl

Have fun experimeninting with heart shapes in different colours. Cutting the heart sin different sizes (e.g. a heart hole punch could be fun) as well as using other materials such as washi tape for the tummy feathers and buttons for the eyes. There are lots of options thta your preschooler and kiddos may like!

toilet paper roll valentines owl

What do you think? I hope you found these step by step instructions helpful and easy to follow!

toilet paper roll valentines owl

I think everyone needs some of these toilet paper roll owls in their life! Whether you are a big kid, or a little one. At preschool or elementary. SO FUN!

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preschool valentines owls

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