Toilet Roll Love Bugs for Valentine’s Day

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Super fun and easy Toilet Roll Love Bugs for Preschoolers to make!! Oh my, do we have a treat for you today! Cute, easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids! One of our favourite Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers here on Red Ted Art.

Super cute love bugs for kids

LOBE BUGS!! Oh my, what an adorable Toilet Paper Roll craft for Valentines Day. Preschoolers and Kids will love to make these super duper cute Love bugs for their friends #Valentines #valentinesday #preschool #lovebugs #love #toiletpaperrolls
These Toilet Paper Roll Love Bugs were first created in Jan 2015! The post has been updated and republished for you!

This is part of our past 5 years of the 31 Days of Love Guest Post series! In 2022, I am revisiting some of YOUR favourites from the years gone by!!!

Let’s start the new year with lots of love and kindness!

Easy Love Bug Crafts for Preschoolers

The best Love bug craft for kids! I’m Kate and I blog over at The Craft Train, where we share crafty ideas for kids and parents. We are thrilled to be taking part in Red Ted Art’s ‘31 Days of Love‘ series once again. 

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LOTS of ideas to inspire you.. and now to these adorable Toilet Paper Roll Love bugs! Too cute! To pin any of your favourites to pinterest for safe keeping and revisiting!

tp roll love bugs

Kids love hearts, glitter, flowers and being creative so it is understandable that they are attracted to making Valentines Day crafts. They don’t really get the concept of ‘true love’ at this age, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t join in the fun and make some cool stuff. These Love Bugs are very simple to put together and the sky is the limit to how they can be designed and decorated. My five and six year old girls had a blast making these.

You will need a few basic supplies to form the base of these bugs, but when you get to the decorating part you can use whatever you fancy (or whatever you happen to have in the cupboard).

For your Toilet Paper Tubes Love Bugs, you will need:

You basically need toilet paper rolls and ANYTHING ELSE you can find in your craft statsh.. but we used:

– Toilet rolls or paper towel rolls cut to size.
– Paint
– Googly eyes
– Pipe cleaners
– Beads
– Construction paper or cardstock
– Tacky craft glue
– Marker pens
– Scissors
– Skewer

Optional extras:

– Pom poms – scrunched up tissue paper works as pom poms really well too and are a nice eco friendlier solution!
– Glitter or glitter glue pens
– stickers
– Washi tape

How to make TP Roll Love Bugs for Valentine’s Day:

tp roll crafts

Grab your empty toilet paper rolls and let’s get started. Paint some toilet rolls and allow them to dry. You can cut them down to a shorter length to get some smaller bugs if you like. We happened to have some ready-painted rolls stashed away in the craft box so we could get straight to the decorating.

First, an adult needs to poke six holes with a kitchen skewer for the pipe cleaner legs to go through – that’s three down each side. Simply poke the skewer in one side and out the other three times (adults only).

tp roll crafts for valentines day

Cut two pipe cleaners in half to get four pieces. Use three of the pieces to thread through the holes to make six legs, then attach a small bead to each end of the pipe cleaners to create hands and feet. You are now ready to add the details. You can also add some washi-tape stripes or decorate the body with stickers, markers, glitter glue etc. Or cut strips from paper to decorate.

Valentines day love bug craft

To create the wings and antennae fold your piece of construction paper in half and draw a medium-sized heart for the wing shape and a small heart with a stem coming from the bottom for the antennae. Cut these out while the paper is folded in half so that you get two of each shape. Use tacky craft glue to attach the googly eyes and heart shapes last of all and leave to dry. You can already see your Valentine’s Craft coming together, right?

love bug crafts
valentines day crafts for kids
love bug too cute

Aren’t these little love bugs cute? Such a fun little TP Roll craft for Valentine’s Day! If you wanted too, you could add a little tissue paper to the inside of the love bug to create a “bottom” and fill them with Valentine’s Candy as a small and super cute toilet paper roll gift box for Valentine’s!

tp roll love bugs for valentines day

We made lots of them. As TP Rolls are so ready available, how could we resist to make more and more of these for Valentine’s Day! I hope you enjoyed this Valentine’s Tutorial!

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