Hug a Book Toothless Bookmark DIY

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Our Hug a Book Bookmark series continues. We brought you gorgeous Mermaid Bookmarks and fantastic Pug Bookmarks (love the hug a book tie) and am sure will have many more Hug a Book Bookmark Designs for you over coming months… today, we made a Toothless Bookmark – ie a Dragon Bookmark from the fabulous story How To Train a Dragon. A facebook reader of mine first made this Toothless Hug a Book Bookmark after seeing our Pugs and shared it with me. I thought it was so adorable, I asked her if I could recreate it for YOU and she said yes! So here it is, with a big thanks to Mags K!

Now as with our other Hug A Book Bookmarks, I show you how to make your own Toothless Bookmark DIY from SCRATCH, all you need is paper, scissors and glue BUT, I have also created a handy printable for you, IF YOU FIND THAT EASIER!! 

The choice is yours!!

Toothless Bookmark Design – Materials

  • Light black card
  • A little green paper
  • A little red paper
  • White paint (or use white paper and draw it green and black)
  • Scissors & Glue stick
  • Printable (if you wish to use it – enter $0 at check out)

Use our handy printable as a template to cut your black card OR assemble the ready coloured and ready made Tootless Bookmark printable. You have a choice of two ways of making it! Enter $0 at check out.

How to make a Toothless Bookmark DIY

Do watch our Dragon Bookmark DIY video (also found on YouTube).. or follow the written instructions below!

Step by Step Dragon Bookmark DIY instructions

You will need to cut out the following shapes or use the printable linked in the supplies section –

  • a long thing body – rectangular shaped at the top and with a Toothless Dragon taile forked tail
  • the Toothless Dragon arms
  • the Toothless Dragon edd
  • two green eyes
  • one red Toothless Dragon label

Stick the red label on the Toothless dragon forked tail.

Glue the Toothless Dragon head to the arms.

Add black pupils to the Toothless Dragon eyes and glue onto the head.

Glue the head and arms to the top of the Dragon Body – but ensure you leave part of the arms GLUE FREE in order to allow them to pop over your book in the “Hug a Book” style.

I used some white paint to add some shine to the pupils and some detail to the red Toothless Dragon tag. If you don’t have white paint, you can make these features on white paper and colour the eyes green and black (leaving some white) and the tag red (leaving some white).

Enjoy.  Your Hug a Book Toothless Dragon Bookmark is now finished! Your kids are all set to get reading and keep their place in their favourite funny book!

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