Walnut Owls

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We love Walnut DIYs – walnuts are one of my favourite “craft materials” ever (I may be fibbing there, I am rather partial to Toilet Roll Crafts too) – and probably this stems from early childhood memories of making walnut boats and walnut babies…. Walnut crafts are also part of Autumn for me – as you start filling your home with oranges, clementines and nuts, especially the closer you get to Christmas!

Walnut Owl Craft
Note: These Walnut Owl Ornaments where first shared in Sept 2013, we have since updated the post and reposted it for your convenience. Enjoy!

The tricky thing is to split your walnut without breaking it…. but THIS crafts, let’s you take the broken shells and still use them! Perfect. Keep the neat “halves” for walnut mice, walnut nests etc.. and use the broken ones for these adorable little walnut owls!

Walnut Crafts

Materials per owl:

  • a whole walnut,
  • googly eyes,
  • felt scraps,
  • PVA glue,
  • ribbon if required

How to make walnut owl ornaments

Walnut Owls

We first cracked the walnuts, emptied them. Inserted a ribbon for hanging and then glued them back together.

Walnut Crafts for kids

Cut circles and wings and stick!

The kids choose the colours of felt, made me cut them out and then did the glueing.

Walnut Owls Craft idea


I think that the washi tape owl is really cute too!

Finished!! The walnut owls with ribbons in, make great little decorations for either Autumn or Christmas. And Granny will be getting some for her birthday! Yay!

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