Easter Chick Cards Printables – Woven Eggs

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If you love making Easter Cards with kids or just on your own, you may just love today’s Woven Egg & Chick Card Printable. Making Easter Card Making fun and easy (and of course pretty). This Egg & Chick Card Paper Weaving project is based on the Larger Chick Paper Weaving printable we shared for preschoolers earlier.

Process showing paper weaving and finished Easter Chick in Egg Cards
This printable paper weaving chicks where first shared in Feb 2018 and have been updated for your convenience!

I would say as there is a little more cutting involved and we use thinner paper strips, this is a great paper weaving project for KS1 and KS2. Though it is still simple, it is effective and easy to make! So head to the Egg & Chick Paper Weaving for Preschoolers if working with 2 and 3yrs olds, nursery or foundation years and stay here for our Egg & Chick Cards if working with older kids! We have LOTS more great Card Making Ideas for kids. As well as a fabulous Paper Easter Crafts section to explore!

**This download is free.. however, if you want to take advantage of our easy to download 20 page Easter Bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers (which includes this printable), do take a look!**

More Egg Theme Printable Variations:

This of course is a lovely Easter Craft for Preschoolers too.

This is part of our Easter Weaving series – lovely Easter Paper Weaving for kids! Love these Paper woven eggs for kids to make. And adore that you can pop them in an envelope and send to a deserving adult.

These free Easter Card Printables also make a great resource for Scouts, Brownies, Library Craft sessions or Church groups. Enjoy!

As with our Large Preschool Easter Egg Chick, we have also made a “plain” Egg & Chick Card Printable, that you can use for decorating in which every way you wish – no weaving needed! Again.. if you do end up using this plain set of free printables, please do send me photos – I would love to see your work!

We also have the cutest little BUNNY in Woven Basket Card Version here

Easter Bunny in Basket - paper weaving project

Woven Egg & Chick Cards – Materials

Easter Egg Paper Weaving cards for kids to make

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  • Woven Egg & Chick Cards Printables (see below)
  • Light card stock (or print on paper and stick on card)
  • Pens for colouring
    • We love using these watercolour pencils (US / UK)
  • Scissors
  • Paper scraps cut into strips
  • Glue stick

Chick & Egg Card Printables!

And here are your two Egg & Chick Card Printables

  • Woven Egg & Chick Card
  • Plain Egg & Chick Card

Both versions are available for free in my gumroad store. Simply add $0 at check out. Tips always welcome to help with the upkeep of the website.

**This download is free.. however, if you want to take advantage of our easy to download 20 page Easter Bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers (which includes this printable), do take a look!**

How to make Woven Egg Cards – Video Instructions

We have a quick video overview

Step by Step Photo instructions to make your Chick Cards:

Colouring your free Easter Chick template

Coloring of free Easter Chick cards

We do really love how easy these Chick cards are to make and how lovely the paper weaving looks! Perfect Easter Egg patterns!

Begin by printing out your free Easter Printable onto light card stock.

Colour in your chick in whatever colour you like! If you are using the watercolour pencils like we have.. let the chick dry fully before moving on.

Cutting out your Easter Egg Card

Easter Egg Card - cutting out with kids

Once it is all dry, fold the paper along the edge where the two eggs meet. If you make the fold as neat as possible (with the tops and bottoms of the page aligning, you can cut out both halves at the same time!

Use the “full egg” to cut out your card.

Open the card and cut out the “top half” of your egg & chick side.

Cutting strips into Easter Egg paper weaving

Cut along the lines of your egg & chick card.

Then cut 1cm strips of coloured paper. I am not great at cutting super neat strips… and I think the results still look lovely. But needles to say, the neater these strips the better. If you making these a KS1 classroom project you may want to use a paper cutter in advance!

Creating your Woven Egg Cards

Easter egg paper weaving process - how to make a card

Start on the top left side of the egg. Add a little glue to your strip and glue it under the first strip. Then weav in and out. Securing it at the other end with a little more glue (you can trim later).

On the second row glue on TOP of the strip and weave.

Continue until you come to the bottom of the egg. I find it helps to glue down each part of the last strip to secure and “neaten” the final egg.

Your finished Easter Chick Card

Finished printable easter chick card (woven egg)


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Large easter egg chick weaving project

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