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Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For You or Your Kids

| February 27, 2012 | 20 Comments

Welcome to this special post all about Mother’s Day and provides you with handmade ideas for Mother’s Day! Thanks to Parentdish, there are three of us bloggers debating about Mother’s Day – What do you think about Mother’s Day? Is it a nice tradition or not? Should you make your Mother’s Day presents or buy your gifts? Or should you ignore it all together? We would love for you to read all three posts and then HAVE A VOTE! Tell us which blogger you agree most with..

  • You will find my “pro gift and pro Handmade” post below!
  • Laura from Little Stuff argues for nice shop bought gifts.
  • Nickie from I am Typecast is our ba humbug and say “nay to Mother’s Day”.

Yes, there  many “days” in our calendars that have been commercialised over time.. and Mother’s Day is yet another day in the year when people rush out and spend money on what some would say is just another commercial day. Who benefits apart from businesses? And shouldn’t you show appreciation to your Mother all year round.. why on this one day a year?

Well… we all know that Mother’s work hard. And that it really isn’t always recognised or appreciated. We all feel like Sisyphus when it comes to the laundry (which magically reappears in drawers and cupboards and yet the laundry pile is never ending), we feed our family and yet are told that “I don’t like it”, we rush around between school and playdates and parties. We organise presents and we make sure you are always were you are supposed to be. All behind the scenes. Seemingly unnoticed. Why not show a little appreciation once a year?

Since becoming a mother, I appreciate the never ending tasks of a mother even more. So in many ways, I feel I should celebrate my own parents even more now…

So, I am all for celebrating. I am all for giving a card and a small gift… As, you may have guessed- I am all for homemade gifts, because:

1) Show someone you love that you really love them and show your appreciation by a thoughtful homemade gift. Spend time, effort and love on it.

2) We live in a commercialised world, life should not always be about money and the biggest gifts. Homemade gifts say so much more.

3) Not all of us have enough money to spend on extras through the year.

To help you, I have created a mini round up of

a) Crafts the kids can make for you (hand this task over to Dad please)

b) Crafts you can make for your mother

Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make

A note to Dads: The best way to craft with kids, is to keep it simple. Clear a nice area for crafting first, get everything ready and then have some fun!

Then… help the kids make some breakfast and surprise Mum in bed. Nothing quite like a nice relaxing breakfast in bed with all your family! Perfect!

Print Making

ideas for mothers dayNow here is a lovely idea and an a really clever way for young children to make prints… you really have to go and have a look at Let’s Explore to see how they did it! It sure surprised me. I love these prints. They look fabulous! Make a print for one card, or make a whole set of prints and frame them, wouldn’t that be a beautiful gift?



Handprint Flower

ideas for mothers dayNothing sweeter than a small child’s hand! So this idea from Skip To My Lou really is adorable. Simple and yet perfect. Visit the full post to read more!




Fingerprint Flower (Bouquet or Card)

mothers day card craftsHow sweet would a bouquet of these finger print flowers from Kaboose be? I think I have to send this post to The Englishman. Look The Englishman your hint is right HERE!!!! I want one of these… really… I do…




Wheel of Affection

mothers day crafts ideasHow adorable is this wheel of affection? I can tell you, I don’t think a mother often gets told what she does well and what children do appreciate her for. This is a great craft from Family Fun which will get all mums smiling! Hooray!




Picture in a Frame

presents for mothers daySit down with your children and draw a picture with them of Mum and the family, then put it in a simple frame. I have to say, I love my children’s drawings and ours are flying around all over the place, it would be nice to have a special one frame! It is simple. Yet perfect! More ideas on Taste of Home.



Decorate a Jar & turn it into a Vase

presents for mothers dayHere is a cute little jar decorated with flowers which would make a  nice vase as a gift. This is on is from Mrs. Jacksons Class Website and you will find many more gift ideas featured here, though instructions. If you want to paint a jar, either use acrylics (and later seal with a good layer of varnish) or glass paints.  If you don’t want to use paints, you could decorate the jar with lots of different coloured tissue paper and glue. We made some Halloween Lanterns a while back, but the same principle applies!

Bake a Treat

presents for mothers dayDad, don’t worry, baking with kids does NOT have to be difficult. You can all have lots of fun (just remember to clear up after you, so Mum doesn’t get grumpy). At Christmas we made some delicious cookies for kids to make – with one of the easiest recipes about. I share that post with you here, as I give some tips on how to bake with kids relatively stress free!!!!



Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Grown Ups (i.e. from you to your mother)

Here is your chance to celebrate your mother. What would like to make for her this year? I have selected some card ideas, as well as gift ideas. But of course you can make all of the above too – I see no harm in the “grandchildren” contributing!

Card Making Hearts

mothers day card craftsYep, I think you two could make a lovely card for your mother! I saw these fabulous “Pixel” Heart Pop Heart cards over at Mini Eco. Aren’t they simply stunning and gorgeous? I know, most will say “but that is Valentine’s”, but to mee, can tell your mother that you love her too. So nothing wrong with some hearts in my eyes!


Card Making Flowers

If hearts are not your thing and you would like to stick to your more traditional flowers, Martha Steward has this amazing pop up flower card. Isn’t it beautiful? And you know, it looks, tricky.. but really, it isn’t, so take a peak and see if you feel inspired!



Star Candles

presents for mothers day These are very easy candles you can make from “old candles” – all you need is a cookie cutter and before you know it you will made a very special set of star shaped candles. I am sure your mother would be delighted!




DIY Noticeboard

presents for mothers day Maybe your mother would appreciate this beautiful noticeboard? A great guest post from Kelly at Domestic Goddesque here on Red Ted Art. She makes it sound so easy to make… and you could make it match an fabrics in her home – maybe use some curtain left overs?



Birds Nest Necklace

mothers day present craftsAnother fantastic guest post on Red Ted Art is this Bird Nest Necklace by Sarah Ortega. Aren’t they beautiful? Wouldn’t these make a wonderful gift for one lucky mum?  Or make a version of it as a pretty key ring… what do you think. Will you have a go?




mothers day craft(No Knit) Hot Water Bottle

I love love love this little hug in the form of a Hot Water bottle.. would you have guessed that this was made from an old jumper? So you get to recycle AND make a lovely little gift! The idea is from Liz at Me and My Shadow and she shows you lots more things you can make out ONE jumper. Brilliant. And mum will enjoy her hug!



mothers day gift ideasHave a go at making truffles. Don’t these look delicious. They are from the All Recipes website and claim to be “Easy”. Sounds good to me! You will find lots more truffel recipes (chocolate orange, mmmh or chocolate walnut fudge..) who can resist? And sure to go down well!



Family Meal

Make it an occasion and treat your mother to a family meal – maybe not on mother’s day, after all you want to put your feet up too! But give her a voucher for a special meal together as a family. Nothing more precious than time spent together!

So… feeling inspired yet? Will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year? And will your Mother’s Day this year be handmade one? I do hope!

presents for mothers day

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  1. Nickie says:

    Fab ideas here, Maggie. I won\’t be doing any for Mother\’s Day OBVIOUSLY but I have bookmarked a few to do with the granchildren one rainy weekend!!

    Good luck in the debate.

  2. Shame on Nickie!!!! I can\’t wait for mother\’s day! In fact, I\’m having it next week, early, because hubs is going to be in the States for the real deal, and I\’ll be taking care of both grans and the kids for the day!
    I\’m probably with you on the homemade. Last year I got a 6 foot long card they made together. I always get breakfast in bed and roast dinner cooked for me. If they did a load of washing as well I would be in heaven!
    Having said that, I do love GG\’s shopping lists for Mother\’s day, and my first ever Mother\’s day present was a very unexpected eternity ring – so shops work for me too 😉
    Off to see what humbug Nickie is dishing out now…

  3. Red Ted Art says:

    WOW a 6 FOOT long card!!! How cool :-)

  4. Cameron says:

    Thanks for the kid craft round-up. And that spa look positively sinful.

  5. Great ideas here! Love them – I\’m going to do the handprint flower of Ben\’s hand for my mom. I already know she is going to treasure it :) xx

  6. Some great ideas here – unfortunately can\’t see OH taking up the crafting baton but I have voted for your Mothers Day on Parentdish!

  7. Jenny says:

    The hand print flowers are gorgeous, will be trying some of them with my 4 year old in the morning, Grandma will love it :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. OMG I bow to you, your ideas, your skill, your dedication. You have my vote. *reels backwards* and thank you for the mensh on the Netmums Newletter!

  9. Anita says:

    I think Mothers Day is wonderful. My mother is still with us and we have a daughter who is now a mom herself. My mother is a widow and looks forward to a card and flowers and displays them for weeks-especially the ones for Mothers Day. My friends has 6 wonderful children and her husband started a tradition starting with the first child to make a card or wrap a gift that is special to them for her – not just for Mothers Day but for each of their own birthdays as well thanking her for her care for them that year- celebrating her life!

  10. Maggie says:

    I agree that made gift are the best! My kids gave me colored Mother’s Day pictures from and I love them.

  11. Wow, some great ideas!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! I am also hosting a Mother’s Day Gift Idea link party at and would love for you to share there as well! Happy Mother’s Day!!

  12. Wow – I came looking for a couple of ideas and you have given loads! No less than 14 and some for us adults to make to. You have given me the answer for the wet weekends in the run up to Mother’s Day.

  13. Fab crafts. I especially love the paper card crafts. So simple and beautiful.

  14. Ruth says:

    Hrrrm. I need to work out if Mothers Day here is the same day as it is in the UK. And do I send something on the Australian Mothers Day or the UK one if they’re different? Ho hum… Some really lovely ideas here, whenever we end up celebrating!

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