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Kids Craft: Button Snowflake Crafts

| November 28, 2012 | 41 Comments

Snowflake Craft ideasYou may or may not know, that I am a terrible hoarder and this year, I have been trying really hard to “use things up”, along come these lovely button snowflakes, perfect winter crafts for kids and a great way to use up some of my craft hoard. I saw Thrifty Fun’s snowflakes on pinterest and thought, ooh that could look nice with buttons too. Then click through and saw that she did it with buttons as well! Ha. But there you go, a classic kids snowflake craft after all! And here plus2point4 did a colourful set. Bet the kids would like that too!

Materials: 3 popsicles, white paint, glue, an assortment of white (ish) buttons

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US Readers

UK Readers)

1) I glued the popscicles together and let dry (a hot glue done, does this very quickly for you, but PVA will work too)

2) The kids the painted them white (they wanted to paint both sides, so we let them dry and then painted the other side the next day

3) Once try they selected their buttons and stuck them on. Interestingly Red Ted picked all the clear ones and the large yellow-y ones, Pip Squeak went for small ish buttons.

4) Glue on some ribbon for hanging and write the kids name and dates on the back.

We will be giving two away (Opapa and Nonni will be the lucky recipients this time) and keeping two for our tree!

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Would love to see what other snowflake craft ideas you have!


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  1. Sian says:

    a great way to use up some of my button stash! : )

  2. Pinkoddy says:

    They are pretty. Unfortunately my button stash isn’t that big.
    Thanks for hosting.

  3. Red Ted Art says:

    Pinkoddy – yes, I completely depleted our buttons!! I get them off old shirts/ cardigans or coats that we can re use!

  4. Oh I love it! Can I add it to my button round up that i did?

  5. Red Ted Art says:

    Oh yes please Cassie!!

  6. Lovely Maggy. So simple, but pretty. x

  7. Becky says:

    I have a button obsession, so this is perfect for me and my girls. They look really good.

  8. maria says:

    How sweet! I love your snowflakes:)

  9. Red Ted Art says:

    Thank you :-) and you could argue, Maria, that this is a good recycled craft – the buttons are all salvages from old clothes…. just need to eat more ice lollies and actually upcycle some lollie sticks next!!!

  10. Ali says:

    I love this idea, I have tonnes of loose buttons.

  11. This is such a wonderful Idea and looks great as well as I bet being really tactile.

  12. PragmaticMom says:

    I love this and I just remembered that I have a ton of buttons saved up! I’m not good at crafts but this one looks perfect. And I even have all the stuff I need for it! Thanks!

  13. Red Ted Art says:

    Awe that is perfect!!! Have fun!

  14. This is a great craft for the kids. In my son’s kindergarten they used multicoloured popsicle sticks and buttons. They had so much fun!

  15. Jill says:

    I love this idea! I have pinned it to use during our Winter Unit Studies.

  16. Fabulous idea! thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase!

  17. I just wanted to give a little suggestion…painting the sticks and using a colored button only in the center gives it extra ‘Pop.’

    This was my first time linking up in ages!! I added two Christmas things, though the one can be colored by kids or adults. (The Jesse Tree.)

  18. I am terrible about hoarding craft supplies. I love the buttons!

  19. We have maybe 2 big black buttons in the cupboard and a pack a green ones I got on sales ages ago. Not much good for snow flakes! But as we had our first snow on 1 December I’d love to do this. I had been looking for a simple snow flake craft. Now all I need is an alternative to the buttons…

  20. Isil says:

    Looks very pretty!

  21. PragmaticMom says:

    I have so many odd buttons! What a great idea to use them up! Thanks so much for this pretty craft ornament and for linking up!

  22. Oh, the kiddo and I made some of these over Christmas. I’m pretty proud of the entirely purple one I made. :)

    Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day!

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