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20 Boat Craft Ideas – Summer Fun!

| June 8, 2013 | 5 Comments

Our “video” series continues – today crafty bloggers share their favourite Boat Craft Ideas with you. Boats are a wonderfully fun activity for kids to take part in. Design them. Make them. Then see how well they float!

To me, making boats are all about “childhood memories”. I hope my kids look back one day, and remembering that time we made the boats and how well they floated…

Note: if you do let them float outdoors, do add a little string to your boat, so you can retrieve them and not harm local wildlife! (or have sobbing children that want their boat back!)

20 Boat Crafts

You can make boats out of a surprising amount of different things – the humble Paper Boat (which we LOVE), margarine tub boats, crafts stick boats! Your imagination is the limit. Check out what we have to share with you!

Our Boat Craft Ideas Video:

Our Boat Crafts – In order of appearance

1) I demonstrate how easy it is to make a Walnut Boat – super simple and so cute. We love them!

Boat Craft

2) We then share our Self Propelled Tug Boats – they actually work. So fun.

3) Playful Learners recycle little Aluminium Foil pirate boats. Adorable.

paper boats

4) Kidschaos shares the classic Paper Boat. SOOO pleased to hear that her son still adores making them. I taught him three years ago and he has never looked back since. Here is a link to the paper boat craft video.

5) Zing Zing Tree continues the recycling trend by reusing some “banana leaves” her chips came in (fries), the boat looks so authentic. (watch the video)

Devilled eggs

6) Crystal Treasures has a paper roll tube canoe – it looks fantastic (but note, not one for water, but for pretend play only). (She also made some Deviled Egg Boats, which made me smile!!)

juice carton boat

7) Juice cartons are great idea for boats, as they are already waterproof. Domestic Goddesque shares her crafts. You could almost make these on the go!

8) Finally, Here Come The Girls also made a canoe using egg cartons, perfect for “little people to sit in”.

More Boat Crafts (not on the video)


9) A while back we also made Egg Carton boats – and used the kids artwork to decorate the flags.

How to Make a lolly-stick boat

10) Me and My Shadow made some rafts using Craft Sticks. They look fabulous.

11) Simple¬†quirky little cork boats we made AGES ago. They were very much a spur of the moment “craft” – and I am sure you could do a much better jobs than us, but do be inspired by them!


12) We love these Juice Carton or Milk Carton Boats


13) Adorable little shell boat


14) We still love our Pirate Ship! And it is much played with over 2 years later.

Pirate ship

15) A simple impromptu pirate ship for our playmobil.

simple boat craft

16) Love these Sponge Boats! So clever.


17) Laundry Basket Sail Boat Fun for rainy days!

ice boats

18) Adore how fun these Ice Cube Boats are!

paper mache boat

19) Stunning Papier Mache Boats

Handmade boat

20) Twig Boats – so pretty!

Driftwood Boats

21) More Driftwood Boats.

Recycled Croc Boat Craft for Kids

22) Upcycled Croc Pirate Ships!

Pirate Ships - Cork Boat craft for kids

23) Easy Cork Boats

Hope you enjoy the boat crafts and that you are inspired to look around you and see what YOU could make a boat from!

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  1. AuntyLulu says:

    I teach origami to several groups of children. There are many great origami boats you can fold. To make them water resistant, rub the bottom with a candle or wax crayon. You could also fold them out of aluminum foil, wax paper or thick plastic like the one you find in chip bags and other foods, secure them with cello tape so they don’t unfold.
    Happy water play!

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