Easy No Sew Denim Basket Upcycle

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Here is a fun project that can help you get your desk or drawers (or anywhere) organised – have a go at this easy no sew denim basket upcycle project. These baskets work well as jeans pen pots or for holding those little bits and pieces.

We made it as no sew project, however, you can also make this denim basket project as a great beginner’s sewing project!

No Sew Denim Upcycle

To make these upcycled denim baskets you will need:

  • Jeans trouser legs
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pins

Now these are most definitely NO SEW.. BUT you CAN sew them if you wish.. instead of saftey pins, use needle and thread OR you can also use fabric glue. But I am not a massive fan of fabric glue.. so would recommend the safety pin method OR doing this as a traditional easy sewing project for beginners!

Here are some ideas for embellishing your Denim Pots

How to make a No Sew Denim Basket:

Watch our easy to follow How To Video – you will see these Denim Pots take less than 5 minutes to make!! Or follow the step by step photo guide below!

How to make No Sew Jeans Baskets

Jeans leg craft

Cut off the bottom of your trouser leg. There is no real science as to the length.. but make it roughly twice as long as it is wide.

No sew denim projects

Turn the fabric inside out and start pinning the end you cut (i.e. not the cuff as this end is narrower and stiffer).

no sew denim basket

Safety pin all the way across. You CAN sew this with a simple running stitch or back stitch if you want! You can also use fabric glue, but I am not keen on fabric glue and would either use the safety pins or have a go at sewing.

Now we need to shape the bottom of the pot. Put your hand inside the leg and roatet it by 90 degrees. So the seem that was on the side of your leg is now running up the middle of the leg. Flatten it. And flatten your pins against – it will make a triangle at the top. Put one safety pin across this. You can also hand sew this bit.

Repeat on the other side.

Turn your jeans leg the right way round. The triangle pins/ sewing you created help shape the bottom as per the image above!

Now you can just fold down the top of the leg for a nice neat finish. If your trousers taper, you may want to trim the top off before folding down, but it isn’t always necessary!

Denim Pen Pots Desk Tidy

You can now sew on or pin any embellishments you have made previously. Eg.

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