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How to Finger Knit

| March 19, 2014 | 18 Comments

So… my kids see me knitting and crocheting on a semi regular basis and are soooo keen to learn. Red Ted is 6yrs old and Pip Squeak is 4yrs old. I think Red Ted is JUST old enough to learn how to knit, but Pip Squeak is still a little young. So I thought we should start with how to finger knit first. Finger knitting is a great activity, as you can do it anywhere and any time. Take it with you on a long car journey or sit on the sofa on a lazy afternoon. Make LONG things, or short things. Use up odds and ends of wool or make something brand new. What I also love about Finger Knitting for kids, is that it teaches them discipline, pattern recognition and following instructions. It can only being great things for their right/ left brain development. So I was keen keen keen to get them going.

Finger Knitting for Kids - craft ideas

So many wonderful finger knitting ideas - find a great "finger knitting tutorial" + many ideas of what to make out of your knitting!

We first had a go at Finger Knitting last Summer (6 months or so ago) and they both did quite well, but of course needed supervision with every step. Then a couple of weeks ago, Red Ted wanted another go. And with in minutes he got the hang of how to finger knit. His little sister sat by patiently watching her big brother master finger knitting. Then a week later, SHE wanted another go. And you know what.. aged 4, she totally impresssed, as she suddenly got the hang of it. Yes, I still help her “cast on” her finger knitting and “cast off” her finger knitting.. but we have the crux of it. Fabulous.

Finger knitting for kids easy

How to Finger Knit Video

Here is a more update (and better filmed!) version


Now you have mastered Finger Knitting, what do you actually do with it?!

How To Finger Knit

Finger knitting produces a “sausage” of knitted wool, that looks a bit like the out put of a Knitting Nancy or French Knitting Doll  – except it tends to be bigger and looser.

  • The kids mainly make “scarves” and what they call “socks” for their toy animals.  Pip Squeak even made a scarf (one long sausage) for herself and added pompoms to the ends.

Finger Knitting for Kids

  • Make a Flower (great as a brooch or hair piece) – we folded it up into petal shapes and KNOTTED them in place with the left over pieces of wool. No sewing needed! Then glued on a little yellow centre!

Finger Knitted Crafts - Mouse Cat Toy

Finger knitting ideas

Finger knitting craft ideas

finger knitting for kids

Finger Knitting SundayOver to you! Time you learn How to Finger Knit!!!!

Featured over on the fabulous new Fun, Crafts, Kids website!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for sharing, the link for the teddy bear scarf goes to the rainbow website. can you re-post the teddy bear site?

  2. Lori S. says:

    I like your site! Your finger knitting page had a lot more ideas to play with than most articles on finger knitting. The flowers and Christmas ornament were especially cute!

    I originally clicked to see your doll house idea, which is lovely. But I wish you had put some drawings of the shapes to use, possibly a simple, general “template”. The written instructions were good, but some people like me need to be “shown” rather than “told”.

    I’m impressed though. I will come back to this site soon.

  3. Dhiyana says:

    Thank you! Informative collection. Waiting for summer to try out with my daughter.

  4. Megan says:

    could you please share how to make the pillow? I haven’t done finger knitting in a long time, so once i remember, this would a great go to activity.

  5. saskia says:

    does the space between the fingers make a difference to how tightly the knots are

  6. Anonymous says:

    The cat in that last picture sure doesn’t look very happy…lol. Great ideas for the finger knitting though! :)

  7. Elizabeth Cook says:

    What do you do to save your place when you need to set it aside for a while?

  8. Mandy says:

    We plan to make these during read aloud times this coming school year! Thanks for the nice video!

  9. Norma solvie says:

    This looks like fun

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