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Easter Craft for Preschoolers: Hen & Chick Nest

| April 17, 2014 | 4 Comments

Here is an adorable craft I stumbled across amongst my German friends… make a Hen & Chick Nest from Egg Cartons, Eggs and a lovely little hen printable! I love this Easter Craft, as it is great for Preschoolers too – nothing too tricky, save for cutting out the hen, but you can help them with that! We used “Blown out eggs” (check my how to blow out eggs in easy steps post), or you can use hard boiled eggs. They need minimal decorating too look cute and it would be WONDERFUL to make these your breakfast eggs on Easter Sunday!

Easter Craft Chicks and Hen

To make  this Easter Craft you will need:

  • A copy of our FREE Hen Printable (I made it two versions, one looking in each direction)
  • 3 eggs
  • Food Dye, Vinegar and Water (to dye your eggs – How to Dye Your Eggs)
  • A little felt or orange card and glue for the beak
  • Pens/ paint/ crayons etc to derate your hen
  • Egg carton for the nest
  • Tissue paper or raffia for the “straw”

 Chicken PrintableChicken Printable Part 2

Hen Printable left and Hen Printable right

How to make  this Easter Craft:

Easter Spring Craft for Preschoolers

1) We started by blowing out our eggs – read blown out eggs how to best do it. My kids aged 4 and 6yrs can now just about blow an egg themselves. They love it. Or alternatively hard boil three eggs.

2) Dye two of your eggs shells yellow.

3) Add a beak and eyes.

4) Chicks finished. Thread some tisssue paper and pop them in your next. Add the plain egg in the middle as an unhatched egg.

5) Decorate your hen (or leave her plain). You can paint, use crayons, use watercolours, bastels or stick feathers on her!! Your call.

6) Arrange. We decided that we have a Daddy and a Mummy Chicken…. I made a small triangluar card stand that slotted into the Daddy hen to stand up.

Admire or play!

Hen and Chick Easter Craft

Hope you liked this little Easter Craft and enjoyed our Chick Egg Decorating!!!

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Hope you liked this easy preschooler Easter craft and that you have a go!

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