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Paper Cup Party Popper Craft

| May 26, 2014

We love quick and easy crafts – crafts that you can do in 5 minutes, but that give the kids hours of fun. When my father bought us a take away coffee and then said “want to keep the cups”, I said “no”.. and then “actually, yes” (darn, why did you ask… more things for me to upcycle and keep.. hehehehe). Anyway, this party popper craft is SO quick and easy to make, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t hang on to it. The best bit about these party poppers, is that they really POP and you can make them as messy or tidy as you like. We popped pom poms with them (nice and safe and soft and not too messy), but you can fill it with lots of confetti too. I think these party poppers would be great for 4th July or for New Year’s Eve.. or “just because” on a rainy day (we are having lots of those at the moment). And all you need is a (recycled) paper cup (washed and dried) and a balloon. Here we go – how to make your own paper cup party popper craft!!!

Pom Pom Poppers

Paper cup party popper craft materials:

  • a paper cup
  • a balloon
  • scissors
  • OPTIONAL: tape or an elastic band to secure
  • Something to pop – such as pom poms or confetti

Party Popper Craft Video (step by steps below the video)

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How to make your own paper cup party popper craft:

Easy Pom Pom Popper Craft - great for parties

1) Couldn’t help but recycle our coffee cups.. but of course, you can use new and pretty new paper cups too. If you are recycling, rinse your cup and dry. Then cut the bottom of your cup out. Do this with scissors or a knife (but take care with a knife and do it for the kids).

Pom Pom Popper Craft

2) Then make your party popper popper – get tip off a balloon.

TOP TIP: Cut ACROSS the “fold” of the balloon”. This fold is actually a “weak point in the balloon”. If you cut it so the fold is on “either side”, it is likely that the balloon will tear along here, as you stretch it over the cup.

Recycled Coffee Cup Craft - Party Poppers

3) Knot and stretch over the bottom of your cup. (some like to stretch it over the TOP of the cup, as the rim on the cup gives you extra hold. You can tape it in place or add an elastic to secure, but we found it was fine, just the way it was).

Paper Cup Pom Pom Poppers

4) Fill with pom poms and have FUN!!!!

Party Popper Crafts for kids

Party Poppers for Kids

The great thing about this  DIY Party Popper Craft is about how safe it is for the kids too. I don’t know about you, but my kids like to look at all these things.. staring STRAIGHT in… with the pom poms or confetti, this is very safe and no one will get hurt. There is no “fuse” or “real” explosion, just a nice POP as the elastic snaps back and the paper cup magnifies the sound…


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