Jack O’Lantern Crafts for Kids

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The spooky fun contines with our collection of Jack O’Lantern Crafts for Kids! Many of these cute crafts, can also be created simply as “pumpkin crafts”, which also makes then suitable for Thanksgiving Crafting! But for now, let’s get Halloween Crafting.

Jack O'Lantern Crafts

Fun Jack O’Lantern ideas for preschoolers and kids

jack o lantern craft

One of our first and most loved Jack O’Lantern Crafts where these recycled Jack O’Lantern Mason jars! They make fantastic Halloween Luminaries.. and 10yrs on, we still have these laterns and bring them out every year!

Jack O'Lantern Wreath Kids

Super cute and easy Pumpkin Wreath for Preschoolers!

Jack O'Lantern Satsumas

Another firm favourite Jack O’Lantern idea, are these super duper easy Jack O’Lantern Clementines/ Satusmas/ Oranges.. add them to any pack lunch or Halloween Tea Party in October. So fun and easy.

Halloween Stress Balls

A super fun classroom activity or craft for the home come Halloween are these easy peasy Halloween stressballs. Do make sure you get a marker pen that doesn’t smudge… else your perfect Jack O’Lantern faces won’t be perfect for long!

Grab your Popsicle Sticks to make either these wonderful Halloween suncatchers or this Halloween lantern! Free templates to trace or cut out included!

free pumpkin patterns - jack o'lantern

Learn how to sew a pumpkin! Aren’t they cute? These are made from old t-shirts! I love that they make great Autumn/ Thanksgiving decor, but are also just perfect for Halloween too. Top tip: the smaller ones are easier to sew (it doesn’t take much sewing, but you do need to push the needle through from top to bottom).

cute pumpkin

Super cute mini pumpkin crochet pattern – a great little crochet pattern for beginners. This would be lovely as part of any Fall decorations – be it Halloween Pumpkins or Thanksgiving Decor (wouldn’t these look lovely as little place cards?).

Another super sweet and simple idea are these pumpkin photo collages. Aren’t they fun. You could easily add bas flying out of the pumpkins as well as some cute Jack O’Lantern Faces!

No collection “of” is complete, without a famous Corner Bookmark! They are so easy and fun to make.. and you literally can decorate them for all occasions.. Like we have done here with these easy Jack O’Lantern Bookmarks!

Story of Stingy Jack

Super cute little Jack O’Lantern Printable mask! Support my work with this TPT download!

jack o Lantern garland

Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin garland – keep them plain for all of Fall or add your cute Jack O’Lantern Faces for Halloween!

halloween jack o lantern craft

We recycled some old orange tissue paper, made our natural papier mache paste and made some cool Jack O’Lantern lanterns! So fun! How cool would a whole set of these look hanging in your porch?!

jack o lantern craft

A bit like the Satsumas above – never understimate the power of a simple Jack O’Lantern Face. I don’t know why Terry’s chocolate doesn’t make these commercially (yet!). Such a simple idea for Halloween. My lucky husband always gets one at Halloween!

pumpkin favour box halloween party

Love making these little Jack O’Lantern Treat Boxes! Aren’t they fun? Or you could just make them as a “craft” and string them up as an adorable Jack O’Lantern garland!

jack o'lantern craft for preschoolers

The perfect Trick or Treating accessory – make this easy Paper Plate Pumpkin Purse! Too cute!

Air drying clay Pumpkin pinch pot for Fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving. Holiday Pinch Pot Designs!

Another “2 for 1” idea for you – super simple little Pumpkin Pinch Pots – either as a Thanksgiving decoration or, add Jack O’Lantern features for Halloween!

Cute Wine Cork Pumpkin Person for Halloween

For those of you that like all things mini… we made some super cute little Jack O’Lantern Cork decorations.

Decorating Fairy Doors for Halloween

SImilarly Pumpkin Rocks, make great Fairy Door Accessories!

One year we made an adorable Halloween Treet with mini Halloween Treat Buckets made from TP Rolls! We made a whole set. Loved having fun with the Jack O’Lantern Faces!

jack o lanterns

If you find yourself facing a Pumpkin Shortage one year.. why not “carve” some Celementines or Satusmas? Ridiculously cute!

Any chance to finger knit and we will!! Try these cute Finger Knitted Jack O’Lantern decorations this year.

TP Roll Pumpkin Craft

And last, but not least, as cute TP Roll Pumpkin for Preschoolers!

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