Easy Potato Axolotl Crochet Pattern

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Craft Alotl has been busy! She shared a number of her Easy Crochet Doll Patterns with you earlier this month.. and now she has this fabulous and easy Axolotl Crochet Pattern to share with you. This axolotl is the perfect addition to our collection of DIY Axolotl Crafts. It is so cute AND it is a super versatile pattern, as you can use it with small 2mm hooks, or large 10mm hooks depending on how you intend your use your final crochet DIY. OUR Axolotl Crochet is in fact an Axolotl Doorstop DIY! Isn’t that fun!?!? We adore Axolotl Crafts. So cute.

axolotl crochet pattern

We have christened this axolotl crochet the “potato axolotl crochet”.. and he is part of a series of potato pets to make. We love the potato shape.. so cute and pudgy and squishy and it simply makes us very happy! If you fall in love with ONE potato pet… I challenge you not to fall in love with the rest of the pet collection! They are so cute and so fun to make.

So.. if you love any axolotl craft.. and you love our potato axolotl crochet.. read on!

Who is Craft Alotl?

Craft Alotl is my teenage daughter!! She has grown up crafting with me and has found a huge passion in crochet. She first started to crochet during lockdown (what a lockdown silver lining!) and has been crocheting away every since. She is now at a stage to share her passion of designing her own patterns with you all. She has always had a thing about axolotl crafts.. so it only seemed natural to be call craft alotl! Though now she rather likes Capybara’s too… mmmh watch this space!

You can find her and her work on Instagram; Esty Shop; Raverly

If you love what she does, do consider buying on of her patterns online. Though we like to share them exclusively for free with Red Ted Art readers, if you do purchase her patterns from Etsy or Ravelry, the income goes straight into her college fund! Not only that, every time you download, a teenager in London, makes a great big HAPPY DANCE, whilst plotting what to make next for you..

Oh and why Craft Alotl? Because she ADORES all Axolotl Things! Axolotls are such cool creatures from Mexico!

great axolotl softie
The Axolotl Crochet Pattern is great as a doorstop or as a super soft Axolotl Plushie Toy

If you want to get this pattern AD FREE and in an easy to print format and support a young artist, hop over to Craft Alotl Stores and purchase the pattern now!

Our Potato Hamster Crochet Pattern, is also ready for you here.

potato crochet pets
The Potato Crochet Pets! Super cute amigurumi projects!

Similarly.. if you LOVE the Potato Pets Collection. You can get them all in one handy location here. Please note, the Potato Pet Collection is all based on the basic same potato crochet pattern by Craft_Alotl. Each potato pet as additional unique features and mini pattern adjustments, but in essence remains the same pattern throughout. Which is great for beginners once the get the hang of the basics! (PS Craft Alotl is a “teen” designer on etsy and ravelry.. and all sales go towards her college fund!).

Amigurumi Axolotl Crochet Pattern Key

This pattern uses American terminology throughout!

SC – Single crochet

MC – Magic circle

Inc – increase

Dec – decrease

CH – Chain

MBS – Mini Bobble Stitch (see video on auto play)

Slip stitch

Axolotl Materials

  • You can use any yarn to make this axolotl crochet plushie. I used a super cozy chunky wool for the large doorstop version, and a Ricorumi Cotton DK for the Potato Crochet Pet version. Pink and cerise make great axolotl colors!
  • Crochet Hook size: 2mm crochet hook (for the mini axolotl) 10mm crochet hook (for the large axolotl)
  • Safety eyes: 6mm (for the mini axolotl) 10/12mm (for the large axolotl)
  • 1 kg rice in a bag (if making a doorstop), you can add a little to the bottom of the mini axolotl too – makes a nice sensory toy to hold.
  • Stuffing (for both the doorstop and Axolotl Plushie)
  • Needle for sewing (and a little black yarn thinned out for the axolotl mouth)

This doorstop plushie is 20cm/ 8inch tall as our crochet is a little tighter than normal. The potato pet is 7.5cm/ 3inch. Your finished size likely to be a little bigger. But the finished size will vary depending on yarn and hooks used!

You should be able to get away with not using any stitch markers whilst making this axolotl pattern!

How to make a bobble stitch, needed for the Potato Pet’s paws

This potato axolotl crochet pattern, is very easy, using mostly the crochet basic stitches…. however, it DOES use the fun bobble stitch for the potato pets arms and legs! So you will need to learn how to make that. A great opportunity to develop your crochet know how!

You can watch “Make a Mini Bobble Stitch” video tutorial on auto play or follow these instructions.

The video on running on auto play and only takes 45sec to watch. Very quick and easy (though you may want to pause the steps as you go)! Please do check it out! It is an easy stitch once you get the hang of it and the perfect detail for your potato crochet pets!

Mini Bobble Stitch description

Yarn over, go through the stitch that you are working your mini bobble stitch in, yarn over again and pull through. [3 loops on your hook]

Yarn over, pull through first 2 loops [2 loops on hook]

Yarn over, go through the same stitch again, yarn over, pull through. [4 loops on hook]

Yarn over, pull 2 loops [3 loops on hook]

Yarn over, pull through all 3 [1 loop on hook] Continue with your SC stitches of pattern. Once you have moved along your crochet, you will see the mini bobble stitch pop out as a little paw.

Free Axolotl Crochet Pattern

Axlotl crochet plushie
We love Free Axolotl Patterns. Potato Pets make such special plushies too!

Begin at the top of the potato axolotl’s head

01: 6 sc into mc [6]

02: 6 inc [12]

03: (1 sc, inc) x6 [18]

04: (2 sc, inc) x6 [24]

05: (3 sc, inc) x6 [30]

06: (4 sc, inc) x6 [36]

07 — 12: 36 sc [36]

13: 14 sc, 4 dec, 14 sc [32]

14: 13 sc, 4 inc, 15 sc [36]

15: 36 sc [36]

Place eyes between rows 10 and 11, there should be a gap of around 8 stitches between the eyes.  Grab your yarn needle and sew a straight line for the mouth.

16: 13 sc, mbs, 8sc, mbs, 13 sc

17 – 20: 36 sc [36]

21: 14 sc, mbs, 10 sc, mbs, 10 sc [36]

22: (4 sc, dec) x6 [30]

23: (3 sc, dec) x6 [24]

Stuff the body

24: (2 sc, dec) x6 [18]

25: (1 sc, dec) x6 [12]

26: 6 dec [6}

Fasten off

To make the axolotl ferns/ gills

Make 2

01: Chain 6

02: skip 1st stitch, 5 sc

03: ch 6, skip 1st stitch, 5 sc

04: ch 6, skip 1st stitch, 5sc

Fasten off

Sew the axolotl ferns/ gills to either side of the head.

Your potato axolotl pet is finished!  Be sure to check out the rest of this collectible set of potato pets. The set currently includes the axolotl, a cat, pug, bunny, hamster and dino!

Copyright Craft Alotl 2023. For personal use only. You are not allowed to sell, distribute, or publish this pattern in any form.

If you use finer amigurumi crochet yarn and hooks, the same pattern can be used to make your potato pet axolotl!! Isn’t it adorable?!! Love love love!

potato pet axolotl
A great take on the classic amigurumi axolotl. Unique plushie and sensory toy.

More free patterns coming soon! Check out the Ellie & Friends Set on Etsy and support a young entrepeneurial crocheter in her activities. She will be super chuffed. Every sale, makes her do a happy dance! Alternatively, you can support Craft Alotl, simply by liking her store and favouriting her products!! That too would be an amazing way to show support!

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