Christmas Origami Santa Ornament

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Who doesn’t love a bit of Christmas Origami? You probably saw our little doodle origami gnomes earlier this Christmas season… when Bostik challenged me to come up with adorable (and easy!) Christmas crafts for them, using their fantastic Glu Dots, I had an idea… how easy would it be to turn a simple origami Santa into a 3D Christmas Origami Ornament?! Well, Glu Dots did not disappoint.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post by Bostik UK

Origami Ornaments santa
These 3d Santas will look amazing in your Christmas Tree!

To make an origami Santa – you will need the following supplies:

origami ornament santa

The craft supplies needed are simple –

  • 3 square pieces of paper – one side white, the other patterned or red (any size will do, but 15 cm x 15 cm is a nice size)
  • pen for Santa’s nose
  • A little baker’s twine/ ribbon
  • Bostik Extra Strong Glu Dots (The Extra Strong dots are great for permanent fixtures, but you can also use the Removable Glu Dots too – they’re only easily removable when you choose to peel them off)

How to make an Origami Santa (quick and easy)

This super simple origami project focuses on the triangle shape. Making a great little craft for reinforcing symmetry and shapes in the classroom.

Begin by making some guide folds

You need to start by making one guide fold. Rotate the square piece of paper by 90 degrees, so that you have a diamond in front of you.

make diagnoal crease

Fold the bottom point up, to meet the top point and make a neat crease. You should have a triangle in front of you.

Unfold again.

Now you are back to the square, with a diagonal line.

Shaping the Santa’s hat

diagonal fold

Rotate the square pieces of paper, so you have the fold running down in front of you.

take left corner

Take the left corner and fold inwards, aligning the edges with the central line.

kite shape fold

Repeat with the right corner.

You should have a kite shape in front of you.

fold point down

Take the longer point of the kite and fold it to meet the opposite end. Make a neat crease.

Shaping the Santa’s beard

flip the origami

Flip your origami project over and rotate – so the flat edge is along the bottom.

fold down to make beard

Take the top corner and fold down, not quite to the bottom edge.

crease to shape beard

Make a neat crease. This will be the basis of the beard.

make the brim of the hat

Make another small fold – a few mm wide – this will form the brim of Santa’s hat,

Finishing the origami Santa shape/ triangle

flip the origami

Flip your origami project over again.

fold the right flap

Now take the right side and fold it over and make a neat edge.

fold the left flap

Repeat with the left side.

basic origami santa

Flip back. And you have a basic origami Santa.

open for nose
Here we add Santa’s nose!

Open up the last folds, and colour in a nose… done!

How to make an origami Santa ornament

You will need 3 of these fun little paper Santa’s, a little baker’s twine or ribbon and some Extra Strong Glu Dots (in fact only 4 Glu Dots as they stick so well). I always like to compare supplies, and I did make these using a regular glue stick – trust me, the Glu Dots worked like magic and made the whole craft project a lot less “fiddly”. Go with the Glu Dots for sure!

Add a Glu Dot to the back of one of the Santa “flaps”. Line it up with a second Santa and…

Press the two flaps together briefly. Repeat on the other side, with the third origami Santa.

Next, add a Glu Dot to the top of the middle Santa and secure the knotted pieces of Baker’s Twine/ Hanging ribbon.

Finally, add a Glu Dot to one of the external “free” flaps and…

…bring the flap on the other side over and connect. To make your 3D Santa Triangle. That was so quick and easy, wasn’t it? Glu Dots connect and secure the three origami Santa’s so quickly and easily.

Have fun with different patterned paper!

Aren’t they sweet? I promise you, probably one of the easiest origami ornaments/Christmas decorations you will make this holiday season.

A big thank you to Bostik UK for sponsoring today’s paper craft!

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