11 Christmas Origami Projects For Beginners

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We love Christmas Origami Projects, especially for beginners and have an extensive set of Easy Origami for Kids projects for you to browse. I used to think that Origami is too difficult, but if you pick the right project, Origami is super fun and much easier than you think. Personally, I like to add the details with pens and markers to most of my origami projects, but it is a personal choice!

We have different types of Christmas Origami projects here today. Some would be classed as “proper origami”, others are origami based – for example our super popular Christmas Corner Bookmark – the bookmark itself is the classic origami corner bookmark, but then needs to be decorated to turn it into a Christmas theme! Other paper projects – e.g. the simple origami gift box, are made from just paper!

Most projects here will need a sheet of square paper – the traditional shape of origami paper. Though there are some projects that require a rectangle. The rectangular paper projects are great for using printer paper cut in half!

Note that the majority of these origami tutorials are video tutorials, as the video really does lend itself for explaining the step-by-step process. I hope you agree!

Sooo.. time to explore our Christmas origami models and project ideas!

Easy Christmas Origami Projects for Beginners

As a heads up – we particularly love the Christmas Tree Luminaries on auto play – though there is also a link to these below!! They are SUCH a fun project to have a go at!

Let’s get started on our simple origami projects for Christmas!

NOTE: I try and start off as easy as possible and create more challenging projects as we go along!

reindeer faces

Easy Reindeer Origami for Preschool

This is a super cute little reindeer origami that serves as a very basic introduction to origami – some basic folds of a square piece of paper, as well as the concept of symmetry. Then combine it with some fun shapes or stickers to turn it into a reindeer origami project. This would lovely strubg up on some ribbon or added to a collage or greeting card! Such a cute little tutorial.

Polar Bear Origami

Origami Polar Bear Face for greeting cards or collages

Who needs an origami Santa (well I do!! Hahahaha, more further below), when you can have this adorable origami polar bear? All you need is white paper for this lovely seasonal craft! Make one, make lots! Again, you can use these polar bears as holiday decorations on the Christmas tree, as a garland or as part of art collages or greeting cards! So sweet!

origami penguin

Simple Origami Penguin

Origami Penguin – works really well as a Christmas Card too. For this winter origami project you will need two sided origami paper – white paper one side and another colour on the other side. Here we used grey and white paper and turquoise and white paper. We did use a little yellow triangle of scrap paper for the beak.

Origami Santa Claus/ Origami Gnome

Well you simply NEED an Origami Santa to go with our cute reindeer earlier! Give this little Origami Santa a go.. or alternatively, use the same easy origami pattern to make (and decorate) a little Christmas Origami Gnome! So fun. You can also connect three of these paper santas by their flap, add some thread or baker’s twine for hanging and turn it into a fun and easy 3d Santa Ornament!

Paper stars are always great during the holiday season

Origami Stars

And here is indeed and Origami Star made form one sheet of paper (no scissors no glue), though I confess, I am rather tempted to add a little Kawaii smiley face to it. Wouldn’t that be cute? These Origami Stars are lovely for a number of holiday seasons.. from Christmas crafting, to New Year’s Eve to the 4th July!

origami paper box
All you need is a square piece of paper per box half

Square Origami Gift Box

Learn how to make this square Origami Paper Box! At first these gift boxes seem a little complicated – there are a number of folds. But once you get your head around it, you see that the folds are all the same and are there to create a basic paper pattern. Once you have learn how to make this square origami box, it is super easy to keep making more and more of them!

For this box you will need a rectangular sheet of paper

Rectangular Origami Box

Similarly, if you use a rectangular pieces of paper (instead of a traditional square pieces of origami paper), you can use the same instructions to make an easy rectangular origami box!

simple origami tree

Learn how to make this Origami Christmas Tree and then pop a Origami Lucky Stars on top to give it that finishing touch. Lucky stars are super easy to make and just need strips of paper!

origami star cat

Origami Lucky Stars

In fact, whilst on the topic of Origami Lucky Stars, we have a whole set of fabulous crafts you can make using Origami Lucky Stars – check out the lucky star inspiration here.

How to make Origami Envelopes

Learn how to make simple Origami Envelopes – them grab your markers, pencils or watercolours and decorate them as Penguins and Polar Bears! So cute and easy!

Origami Star Wreath

Another origami project taht I LOVE is this Origami Star Wreath. It is a really clever project, as the basic origami shape (like a claw) is super easy to make and then you connect them all together. The tension keeps all the star pieces connected. So lovely! Have a play with different colours for different effects!

Christmas Origami Projects that require a little glue or cutting

Origami that involves a little cutting is actually called Kirigami. But the basis of the craft is the same and there is still some “magic” origami paper folding going on to create these wonderful crafts. I have also includes a couple of projects that are origami based, but do need a little glue to connect the different origami parts! I hope you will agree, that they do still count as origami projects!

3d Paper Star Kirigami

Another lovely paper star to make. This one “pops out” so it technically makes it a 3d Paper Star. I think it is simply lovely! Again, lots of celebration opportunities for this one – not only Christmas, but New Year’s and the 4th July too!

Star shaped Origami Bowl/ Origami Star Dish

Origami Star Bowl – I do love “connecting” Origami. Where you learn to make a basic shape and then connect it to turn it into something fabulous. This one does need a little glue however!

Paper snowfalkes
Origami snowflakes are actually a kirigami project

The classic Paper Snowflake

Many people forget that the classic paper snowflake is indeed kirigami. So of course MUST feature in any Christmas Origami collection. Snowflakes are wonderful for decorating walls with or for hanging fromthe ceiling!

Easy Origami Christmas Tree Lights
These make simple Origami Christmas decorations, so pretty!

Kirigami Christmas Tree Tea Lights

Similar to the paper snowflakes, you will also love these 3d Christmas Trees.. which you can a little electric tea light too as well.

Paper Christmas Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

I am going to “sneak” these paper ornaments in as they have their BASIS in a simple origami paper folding technique. But they are “sneaky” as a little glue IS required. But are’t they fabulous? Surely you will forgive me for including these fantastic paper Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree.. right? Follow the video instructions over here.

christmas tree ornaments

Origami Christmas Ornaments

Similarly, why not check out Paperchase’s origami Christmas ornaments. Again, these would be for slightly more confident paper craft!

3d paper stars

Froebel Paper Stars or German Paper Stars

If you are really up for the challenge and feeling all Christmassy, stretch yourself with the DIY Froebel Paper Stars! These make wonderful Origami Christmas Ornaments and tree decorations! Visit Gathering Beauty for info.

christmas origami star

Origami Paper Stars (part 2)

These Christmas Origami Stars by Homemade Gifts are so pretty and have been a long time favourite paper craft of mine!! They make lovely holiday decorations or could be used as Christmas tree ornaments too!

christmas origami

Origami Christmas Cracker Boxes

How clever are these Christmas Origami Cracker boxes by Paper Kawaii? They could be used as decorations, actual paper Christmas Crackers or simply as adorable origami gift boxes!

origami bow
Origami Bows are lovely for the intermediate paper folding crafter

Origami Gift Bow

Ssssh.. Did someone say Origami Bows? Oh yes, they are super lovely.. however, I wouldn’t QUITE call them a beginners origami project. Definitely for those of you feeling a little more condifent and wanting to try something a bit more challenging. They make beautiful gift bows at Christmas time though, so did want to add one!

Christmas Origami Corner Bookmarks

Wonderful and super cute Christmas Bookmarks! Seriously adorable, the kids will love them! #Papercrafts #christmas #christmaspapercrafts #christmasbookmarks

As you may well know we have a LOVE affair with DIY Bookmark Designs.. and seem to have one for all occassions (in fact, we keep adding more Bookmark Designs weekly!! Really, you must *bookmark* (haha) the Bookmark page!!).  Anyway, I digress….. here are the bookmark designs that are perfect for Christmas (and winter beyond!). More fabulous Christmas Bookmark Ideas for you here!

  1. Reindeer Bookmark
  2. Santa Bookmark
  3. Christmas Tree Bookmark
  4. Snowman Bookmark (check out the Blindfolded Challenge too)
  5. Christmas Pikachu Bookmark
  6. Angel Emoji Bookmark
  7. Penguin Bookmark
  8. Polar Bear Bookmark